Colourblindness test - there is a number hidden in this picture

Being colour blind I can not see one.
What is the number?


Don’t know Bretrick, but it’s given me headache…

You colour blind as well?
Don’t stare too long, if you could see a number, you will see it instantly :slightly_smiling_face:

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Those with normal colour vision see a 5.
Those with red green color blindness see a 2.
Those with total color blindness see nothing.

I see nothing but a sea of coloured dots :grinning:


I saw a 5 as I scrolled past. Good to know that something is “normal”. :slight_smile:


Yes, I got 5 straight away.

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You’re normal then, at least your eyesight is normal :grinning:


Eyesight yes, not sure about me. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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What time is it where you are?

At the third stroke it will be 8.24am

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Wow"! 25 past midnight here.
Guess I’d better go to bed. Good night.

Night Night. I am having breakfast. Scrambled eggs and bacon. :drooling_face:

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I can see it now but not before you said.
I could see a naked female figure though,perhaps it’s just me.

Edit:It doesn’t look like the original picture you posted to me come to think of it.


Yes, I think the one originally posted was not the one I wanted to post. Well spotted. :smiley:


I had to do a colour blindness test when I joined the GPO Telephones as a teenager in the UK and much later when I joined the Electricity Commission of NSW.

Both times were tests like the OP they threw in some with no numbers as a check too (perhaps a colour Blind person would have seen a number)

Wiring colour schemes must be tricky if you are colour blind.

I remember these pictures from school. A school nurse came and tested everything in those days. I hope they still do that.

Come on Bretrick… :grin: That’s a different picture to the one I saw last night…

This seems to be the original picture , I’m still trying to figure out whether it’s a part of the human body…:


I think it might be a number in a different language

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