Claim Your UK State Pension Early

A friend today told us that he has had his UK State Pension paid since he was 61 years of age but I cannot find any way whatsoever now that you can do this!

Does anyone know different to what the Government Sites actually tell us?

I do NOT trust any Government Sites so I am asking if anyone DOES know different. stevmk2

No idea-my pension will start at 65?. What does piss me off though is no longer a bus pass at 60-over two years to go yet

Have a look on the money saving website they have quite a lot of help and people who seem to be quite clued up on what is and isn’t possible. They helped us with our mortgage problems and were very happy to explain it in easy terms for me !

Thanks OG - got my Bus Pass but not happy with the prognosis - our Council may not keep this up 'cos funding comes from central government funds and - guess what - yadda-yadda-yadda - they are about to cut this too!

Dont’cha just love a Conservative-dominated Government - eh?

What d’ya say Plantman - all going to plan is it?

Don’t bother to respond 'cos I’ve blocked you anyway 'cos there’s just so much political bullshit you can take - don’t you agree? stevmk2

I never talk about politics,well Thatcher screwed the country,Scargill screwed the miners and Blair screwed everyone-I sort of lost interest after that

Steve ,the state pension is paid on what year you was born ,
I was set to get mine at 60,but they moved the goal post and cause i was born January 1953,ive had to wait and look set to draw state pension in November this year ,and once i get that then i can apply for a free bus pass,and at 5£ return thats a hefty amount saved…

Pithy and to the point OG :!:

I can understand why you’ve blocked me Steve, as it has always been quite evident that you’ve only ever wanted people who agree with you to answer your posts, I think mainly because you never have a valid argument, just the same old “poor me poor me” whinging claptrap.

However, to answer your post directly there’s no such thing as a free lunch, whatever you get for “free” someone else has to pay for, a fact that is anathema to the financially inept left, and why you imagine the country owes you more than anyone else I just can’t imagine.

There’s an old saying, that if a socialist understood economics then he wouldn’t be… :wink:

Gosh no wonder he blocked you, you do know some people have harder time in life ? that not everyone has the money or the job or housing or health they deserve ?

Hi Steve, in answer to your question about claiming the State Pension, you will receive a letter a few months before your eligible date. I got mine a couple of months ago. You give them your bank details, return the form, then get a letter back stating the amount and first date of payment.

Mine will be very early April. I also applied for my Freedom Pass today at the Post Office, but only because the letter from London Councils went missing! That would have allowed me to claim online, for an easy transfer from my 60+ London Oyster. However, it’s done now and I can track its progress online.

I can’t see any way you can claim the state pension early, and if you did no doubt it would be abated so you got less. I suspect that what your friend told you is misleading.

As far as I understand it you cannot receive your state pension before the due date. He is probably receiving some other benefit and doesn’t realise it.

I do understand that Julie, but what I cannot understand is why you would close your mind to alternative ideas that could make things better, it makes me think some people just enjoy their lot being someone else’s fault. :shock:

I quite agree Julie one contemptible compassion-less human being.

I thought it was your private pension from April 2015? You can definitely get 25% tax free.

I think your friend is either mistaken, or telling lies, you can not get a State Pension until you become of age, which was 60 for women, and 65 for men, but for people born after 1950 it is now later.

Just a thought do some professions get it early I seem to recall my uncle when he retired at 55 from the police got his pension, wasn’t enough to live on so he worked too but he got something.

See next post.

VM personal attacks aren’t called for, surely we can all have our own opinions.

And yet the attack which is what it was is tolerated on Steve ? I don’t think VM started it really. But I am not suggesting any attack is right. It’s just sad to me someone who tells us they have more than most is so unkind to those who haven’t got as much as him. We don’t all have same advantages in life and the same luck.