Civil service not returning to work yet!

Latest news dated aApril 2022, l think it was the Daily Mirror ?
reveals that there has been little response to government calls
for a return to the office !!
Whilst it makes sense to get away from all the travelling stress and
time wasted travelling, if your job can be done from home with the
same efficiency then you should be allowed, do that ? But if you are
recieving an extra payment such as the London weighting system in
your pay packet at present, then you should lose that !
Also there is talk of WFHomers getting an allowance to cover their
extra heating and energy costs at home as well as getting office
equipement supplied too ? It is no wonder they are reluctant to return
to the office??
Crossrail is due to open this month, at a cost of £18 billion and it seems
to not be needed anymore !!
WTF! Donkeyman! :-1::frowning::frowning::-1:

Yes, £4B over budget and at least 4years late.

@Percy_Vere , Yep, and now it will lose most of the customers it was
built for due to WFH !!
Donkeyman !! :frowning::frowning: