Christmas songs pic quiz 2

Guess The Festive Song Title By Decrypting The Following Pictures
Please Note Not All Songs Have A Chistmas Theme But Were Hits In The UK Around The Festive Period.

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9 - The Power of Love

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8 - Winter Wonderland :smiley:

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  1. Peace on Earth

10 Away In A Manger

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1 Silent night?

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  1. Let It Snow?

2 - Blue Christmas?

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sorry @RightNow not a xmas song but a hit at xmas simply say what you see

will try and help with some clues No8 protien in pic is called whey No7 why has man in front got his hand up like that

4 I’m dreaming of a white xmas ?

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11 - Driving home for Christmas :evergreen_tree:

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12 millenium prayer( from St Cliff)

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1 Silent night
2 - Blue Christmas
4 I’m dreaming of a white xmas
6. Peace on Earth
8 - Winter Wonderland
9 - The Power of Love
10 Away In A Manger
11 - Driving home for Christmas
12 millenium prayer

correct answers still No3 5 & 7 to guess

some clue to try and finish these off

3 what vehicle is it that is simply the song

5 stairs are also known as ??? tree is just to mark the time of the year

7 guy in front is holding his rifle up to do what and army in westerns are known as the ____________+

Ah! yes, 3:JCB song.


5:Stairway to heaven ?

sorry wrong clue was stairs are known as >>>> and nothing do with tree just the time of year

Welcome to my Christmas song
I’d like to thank you for the year
So I’m sending you this Christmas card
To say it’s nice to have you here

another big clue

Elton John, step into Christmas.

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7; Stop the Calvary.

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