Christmas Foods

Good evening all what are your snacks, grazing tasties over the Christmas holidays? I know we main meal but what do you have as a “snack”?

Cold turkey with piccalilli, nice cheeses and crackers, twiglets, coleslaw, fresh celery …… i prefer savoury to sweet stuff. I seem to crave salad stuff and prawns and things like that for a few days after the big day.


@RoseRed You mentioned one of the few things in the World I cannot abide there Twiglets I adore marmite but those twiglets not for me. I also prefer savoury to sweet,

cheese and grapes, a nice cheese platter that is full fat and yummy and you can pretend it’s healthy because of the grapes…glass of wine to help it “digest”

Will be sad this year without the Queen’s speech. Does that mean indigestion with King Charles?

Crisps and red wine.

Another thing I love is Advocaat at Christmas and drinking Snowballs. It’s about £12 a bottle in major supermarkets but Aldi and Lidl do their versions for less than a fiver and it is really good.