Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all.
Just had my usual walk and saw the fox that has got used to seeing me as it does not run away.
I got a message earlier from my cleaning lady. She is not coming today as she has been in close contact to someone that has covid. So is isolating herself for a few days.
Later going with my daughter to do more cleaning out of the house down the road.
Yesterday the son of a friend that has an antique shop came and bought a few bits from there.

Good morning all, another beautiful hot sunny day here in Suffolk.

Lady coming at 10.30am to cut my toe nails.

Apart from that, got to clean out Fish Tank and do so sunbathing.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Washing machine going, towels and tea towels, seeing as it is supposed to be nice again today. Should dry in no time.

Good morning all.
Perspiring quite freely already.
I definitely will not be doing much today.
But it is a no cooking day. Lunch with my daughter at Morrisons, then this evening, dinner at hers.

We are getting a high of 25 today, not the feared 30. But still, enough that I will need to keep Holly in house or the garden shade.

Morning all, another hot sunny day in Paradise Suffolk.

|Off into Town this morning.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
It’s cloudy overcast but very humid here.
My daughter has again gone to the IOW.
My grandson has not, and I expect that I shall see him sometime. We have a job to do in one of the houses down the road.
I am hoping to bus it to ‘up the mount’ as there are a couple of things that I need.

Morning all.

Bed line hanging outside to dry. Won’t be sunny till around lunchtime and then maybe only for a couple of hours.

Will leave in an hour for my pneumonia booster, then go up the road to Aldi, as I need bread.

Morning all.

Should have read linen, not line. Urgh!

A takeaway roast today, from the local pub. They only do it every few weeks, if that. I tried it the first time some weeks ago and enjoyed it. Made enough for two meals, and it comes in a very large foil tray, with a pot of delicious gravy.

If it remains quiet in the garden, I hope to be outside with the dog, and carry on reading my book.

Good morning all.
Already got my step ladder out. First it was to put back the blind in the bathroom when it fell on me this morning.
Next was to take down the security camera mounted on the front of the house to charge it.
So I can’t make out what the weather is up to this morning. It feels very humid. Rain maybe?
Yesterday I went into poundstreacher and got some new bird seed feeders. Cost £7. I noticed that they were selling the same contraption that I already have for £12. Tempted, although my one is not yet past it’s ‘use by date’.
It’s a thing that you stick in the ground that has arms that you hang the feeders on.

Afternoon, I forgot to come in here this morning.

Its been a lovely day here, hot sunshine, a little bit chilli now outside.

Its Hospital app for me tomorrow morning for the camera up my rear end, not been able to eat for two days beforehand, and tonight starting at 6pm, ive got to take the laxative powder to make me go, empty my stomach, then ive got to do it again at 930pm tonight.

Have a nice evening.

Good luck with it, Susie. I watched mine on the screen.

Good morning all.
Been there had that done. Nasty, especially when they do it from both of the err? Outputs at the same time.
So very cloudy here and been told that it is raining on the IOW.
I shall be off to Sainsburys shortly, then again with my daughter when she gets back later.
I also have to try and sort out hers down the road TV and attempt to connect her tablet to it.

Morning all.

Clothes washing out in the garden, two letters posted to catch the 9am collection, and dog walk done. Now. Do I mosey on up to Tesco today, or see if I can stretch the cereals for another day or so? The longer I leave it, the likelihood of wanting a fresh loaf of bread by then. (They are the only store that sells a small 50/50).

Afternoon folks.

All went well, no sedation I just out up with the pain in my stomach. They didn’t find any mass, only poylops which they removed. So i’m still alive another day.


Good to hear, Susie.

Good morning all, it was beautiful sun shine this morning, its now gone dull and I have put a load of washing out.

Did you know that Amy Whinehouse has been dead 15 years, I can’t believe that.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
Well done Susie.
I have a Dr appointment this morning at 0930, and I only phoned up yesterday.
It’s about my ‘other’ knee. It’s not too bad at the moment, but I would like to get it checked early.
I have also already made an appointment to see the specialist at the private hospital where they also see NHS patients.
Going shopping again with my daughter later.
Weather here can’t make up its mind.
I am going to sort out my friends tablet/ TV this afternoon L

Morning all.

Good luck Emjay.

Holly and I got slightly wet on our walk this morning. Where has summer got to?

That’s unbelievable about Amy. Doesn’t time fly?

Cafe meet, as usual for a Tuesday.

Good luck emjay.