Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all.

Jazzi, you naughty girl, upsetting one of your Ladies.

Not going far this morning, just looking for a Vet, that we couldn’t find the other day, called Haven Vet. Centre, it took us 1.5 hrs the other day to find it because of Roadworks, we are going to try again but a different route.

Have a good day all.

Good morning all.
I have not yet heard from the PDSA about Minnie’s urine test results. I shall phone them shortly.
Blue sky but still a cold wind.
Off to coffee and chat group later. I shall bus and walk it. I would love to bike it, but I don’t think I am ready for that yet. Soon, very soon.

Morning all.

Discovered the allotment friend whose cancer had returned lost his life yesterday. So quickly, too. And it wasn’t my friend telling me. I read it on Twitter, of all places. Phoned the friend, she only knew late last night and still has some people to tell this morning. So with my ex sister in law, that’s two in January. Cancer sucks!!

Susie, how about trying Pakefield vets? Or the new one by the Lowestoft cinema?

had a nice midday carvery today at our usual pub. That was after doing the rest of the shopping and getting some 2 stroke oil and petrol . bright sunny day bit needs to warm up a bit more

Good morning all.

The sun is just coming through with blue skies, but cold.

Not going out today.

Emjay how are you feeling today? and how is Minnie?

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Hoping it will get warmer later today, and the wind to drop, as I must spend a bit of time on the allotment. Lots to do.

Good morning all.
It is not so cold here today.
Just done my morning stroll with Minnie.
Susie. I am waiting for the vet to phone me sometime today with the urine test results. Me ok. Going on the bike again later if I can
I have my cleaning lady coming later.
Jan. They have opened up the new restaurant upstairs in Sainsburys. Not impressed as there are 3 separate counters. The first one is for sandwiches and cold drinks, next is where you get tea coffee etc, and the 3rd is where you order your food. So by the time you get your food your hot drink must be cold. Back to Morrison for Friday lunch.

Good morning everybody.

It’s cardiac rehab for me this morning.

Might go to visit daughter Sue this afternoon.

Have a good day all…

Doesn’t sound good.

Morning all.

Weekly shopping at 7.45am then Doctors at 9.45am.

Have a nice day all.

Morning all.

Shall do the library this morning, have a free coffee as it’s Friday, find more books to borrow (I usually walk round with the drink while I browse) then drive round to the retail park. I can get 30 minutes parking free, as I don’t need any more shops there. Free drinks in library (under the warm room scheme) are Monday and Friday only. I have four books to return.

Feeling rather achy after yesterday’s exertions on the plot so shall take a break today.

Susie, good luck with GP.

Good morning all.
The vet phoned me yesterday with Minnie’s results.
She does not have diabetes but it’s her kidneys. So advised to put her on a low protein diet.
Apart for that she is not too bad for her age.
I have a couple of jobs to do here, and later as usual it will be Morrisons for lunch, and my daughters for dinner this evening.
Weather here is nice and not so cold.

Hope Minnie will be ok, Emjay.

That’s good news Emjay, how old is Minnie?

Good morning all.

Off out into Town this morning, my usual Saturday stroll around the shops.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
I am a bit late today doing my Saturday chores.
Just done the morning stroll with Minnie.
Susie. She is about 15. I say 15, as when we got her, we were not to sure. 1 or 2 year’s either way.
I went with my daughter to pets at home to try to get the food that we were told to get. They don’t do any low protein food that is suitable for dogs with kidney problems. I had to order it online.

Good morning all.

I need a haircut today. I expect I’ll have a long wait with it being Saturday.
I go to the ‘Easy Barbers’ in town. it’s a none appointment salon & cheaper too…

I shall install Tony in the pub across the street with a glass of bitter & leave him to wait for me to be finished.

Then we plan a walk through the woods but must get back for 4.00pm. I’m expecting a phone call from our surgery for a medication review - and it’s Saturday!!

Have a good day all…

Emjay, that is quite old for a Dog, but at least she is still enjoying her life.

Carol, how much does your haircut cost at the Barbers?

They grade the prices.
£8.00 for a short layer or just a bottom trim.
£11.00 for med layer
£13.00 for long layer

Mine was the med layer - £11.00.

Outside on the board it says ‘Ladies haircuts £8.00’ They missed out the all important ‘FROM’
I once reported them to trading standards for this but trading standards didn’t want to know…

I’ve no idea what other salons charge…