Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Have a nice time with your Daughter Emjay.

Good morning all

Bright and breezy here work washing on the line and been and played tennis this morning totally enjoyed it bac to pop next lot of wahing on the line then off to graba bit of shopping and maybe garden centre. Enjoy your day all

@Jazzi I do hope today went as well as it could. HUGS

Thanks all.

It was an absolutely fabulous day. Couldn’t have gone better. So many people to say hello to, people we haven’t seen for years. Enough food.

Now sitting with brother and sister in law in their flat, had a cuppa, then will go to my room. Was up at 6, a 3 hour drive, good and steady. Staying an extra night so going to carvery tomorrow lunchtime.

No other plans.


Glad it went well Jazzi…As well as these kinds of things can, under the circumstances.

Morning all, a bit frosty this outside.

Off into town this morning.

Janet, glad everything went well, enjoy your carvery.

Have a good day all.

Morning all.

Thanks folks.

Not slept a wink in this guest room, so might try for a nearby Travelodge. The whole point of staying again is to be refreshed for the drive home. This single bed just made every bone in my body ache.

Good morning all.
Frosty and sunny but cold out here.
I shall have to make my own entertainment today as my daughter has gone to the IOW for the weekend.
Laundry day for me,so that is being done.
I shall go for a walk shortly, but not around the fields as they are like a shallow lake.
I have just descaled my kettle. Buying those packets of kettle descalers in the supermarket is a con. I buy packets of citric acid off eBay for a fraction of the price, that has enough for many times to do the job.

Managed to book the room in Harlow for tonight. Family room for £61. I shall have breakfast in the Toby.

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A friend has asked me to go to a spirtuailst church meeting with her. Trying to decide has anyone ever been to one or similar?

Morning al, frosty but very sunny here.

Off out at 10am to do our weekly shopping.

Sorry Kaz, not been to one before, but sounds interesting, go for it.

Safe journey home today Janet.

Emjay, how are you today?

Have a good day all.

Good morning all.
It is frosty and Misty this morning.
I have already completed my mission to my daughters, to feed and water her cat.
It was good going so early, as no traffic. There and back in under a half hour.
I don’t expect it will be so quick tomorrow morning. But I will go later, and from there go to Sainsburys for my shopping.
I am ok Susie, thanks for asking.
I really don’t know what else I shall be doing today, so I shall just let it happen.

Morning all.

Thanks Susie.

Very foggy here but I don’t expect to start off until about 11, 11.30. Finished a Toby breakfast then will hang about in the room till at least 10 for stores to open, and load the car. Will get petrol at the end of this long road, then make my way to the M11, for a steady drive home.

By staying here at Harlow I have already knocked about 30 minutes time off but of course it all depends on traffic and conditions.

Hope to collect Holly by about 5.

Home. About to unpack case to load dirty washing into the WM. Then will collect Holly about 5.

I remember staying in a b&b a few years ago to attend a family event. My eyes were wide open all night. There were about 5 so called floral air fresheners in the room. I eventually pushed all the air fresheners in a drawer shutting it tight and opening a window. Some people might like them but they don’t work for me!

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Morning all, its very cold outside.

Not going out today.

Have a nice day all.

Good morning all.
I am not going out so early, allowing the school run traffic to die down.
Got to go do daughters cat, and then to Sainsburys.
Weather is miserable looking l

Its Gale force wind and freezing here Emjay.

Now where is that Janet?

They don’t work for me either greengage, I hate the things and they could cause illness. Very unnatural.

Morning all.

Here, Susie. Had a million and one things to do first.