Chit Chat Thread (Part 2)

Good morning all.
It would seem that the pre-op assessment went well. Apart from taking about a gallon of blood from me. It was mostly questions and answers. Also lots of reading was given.
I don’t know what you girls are afraid of spiders. They are smaller and also more frightened of you. I have a couple of tame ones in my house. There is one that only comes out at night behind the toilet.
I shall be going to the ‘coffee and chat’ group later. I don’t expect I shall be going for a while after my operation as I am not allowed to drive for 6-8 weeks. Maybe I could chat up one of the ladies there to pick me up and take me home. And also tuck me in bed at night. Yea right.

Afternoon all.

Have been sitting on the bench at the sea wall all afternoon watching the Paragliders and boats etc.

Have a nice evening all.


That looks fun, Susiel. You are lucky. I suppose I could always leave Holly behind on hot days and walk to the long road near me that overlooks the sea, and sit on the bench.

Managed a couple of hours out in the garden, reading, though I’ve given up on that library book and will try another. Music started up next door by mid afternoon. Gah!! In between I was cooking a roast meal and very nice it was too. Not long washed up. Oh, and typed up the short story for writing group homework. Or have I already said that?

Managed a little walk with Holly, kept her in shade mostly, and she wanted lots of water. She is now in the garden.

@susiejaeger nice way to spend the afternoon,

I hoovered up and changed the bedding, polished ,cooked Chicken Peri Peri , I do love that meal :yum: followed by apple pie which was made from the apples i foraged from the hedgerow . :yum:

I took out Lamb Chops from the freezer for tomorrows dinner , looking forward to that with some potatoes .
Enjoy the evening , Ive just watered the garden.

Good morning everybody.

I didn’t sleep very well last night. Woke up at 5.30 so decided to get up.

I’ve put a load of washing in the machine & had two cups of coffee.

I may have a lie down & a read of my book until a more reasonable time - about 8.00am perhaps.

Later I’m meeting my friend Jean for lunch in a new restaurant that’s opened. Sue is coming to take Tony a walk to the pub so he’ll be quite happy.

No other plans - I don’t think I’ll stay awake all day & evening though!!

Have a good day all…

Morning folks.

Not sure what to do today. Urgent is checking the car tyres, non urgent is finding a pet water bottle (I have improvised for that in the meantime).

Good morning all
Fracture Clinic for me this afternoon ,it costs the NHS £160 if I miss the appointment, Ive had 2 text reminders. Got to wear a Mask as well cause of the rise in Covid .
Not doing anything after yesterday cleaning , just the bedding in the washer …

Have a wonderful day ,

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Good luck at the clinic.

Good morning all.
I did not wake up until 0750. Wow! I don’t know why so late, maybe I died and then changed my mind.
So I am behind with things that I have to do.
I was given a booklet at the hospital on Tuesday of exercises that have to be done before and after the knee operation.
I must do a bit of cleaning around the house, and also peel and cook another load of apples that I picked.
I am going to my daughter for dinner this evening, as she is off to the IOW tomorrow.
No cat duty for me as my grandson is not going.

@Emjay I am just thankful my sister’s annoying neighbour goes in to feed her cats whenever sis goes off somewhere. Not like I can just walk round the corner as I did from the rental.

Thank you @Jazzi

Morning all,
This heat is just wiping me out. Don’t feel like doing anything at all, just sitting and reading, or on here.

My granddaughter was supposed to be going to a birthday party today, but she really didn’t want to go - it’s being held at a laser-tag place, and the idea of playing that just doesn’t appeal to her in the least. Her mum said that if she gets ‘stunned’ in the game, she’ll be really upset. She really hates competitive stuff like that, and surely you’re supposed to enjoy a party, not dread it? Anyway, I said, well let her stay home, say she’s got a tummy upset, been up all night etc. So that’s what she’s done. She didn’t want to offend the little girl’s mum by just saying she doesn’t want to go, because she’s a good friend of hers. In fact she takes my granddaughter to school everyday, cos daughter doesn’t drive and wouldn’t get to work on time if she had to walk her to school first. Tricky situation, and she hates having to lie, but didn’t want to put her little girl through it.

@Emjay I’m glad things seem to be moving now with getting your knee sorted. When’s the op?
@Eliza hope your fracture clinic appointment goes well.

Enjoy the day everyone, hope you can find ways to keep cool.

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My op is next Thursday 18th. I have to arrive at the hospital at 12 noon.
I can’t eat anything for 6 hours before arrival at the hospital, and water up to 2 hours.
I shall set my alarm for 0530 that morning so I can have my normal breakfast.
I have to go again next Monday for another blood test? I feel sure that they took a gallon on Tuesday.
I also have to do 2 covid tests, one on the 16th and the other on the 18th the day I go in. They have given me the test kits. I also have to record the results. (Phone photo). Oh what a performance.🫢

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I phoned my hospital about my minor op, and was told no slots available. I just have to wait. Was asked if a weekend was ok, so I said yes. Even though I was told ‘within 2 weeks’ the reality is the opposite.

Morning all.

Dog walk done early, she is in the garden, I am doing my social media greetings, then will update my cash and spend diaries. Should have had two pensions go in today, so I should be able to pay off my credit card bill (for the caravan weekend next month).

Staying home to keep cool.

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Good morning all

My appointment went well , but turned a little confusing when I got a phone call while i was waiting from a Physio who said they would like to rearrange my September appointment to August , It seems they sent a letter out and ive not recieved it . I didnt know I was having Physio, I won’t go any further or you will be as confused as me …
I will tell you this though , when I enquired where it was , I looked the name of the building up on google , , and the first match to come up was , a Mental Clinic at the Hospital I had just been too. Well I think I might be heading that way .

On a more Positive note ,Ive booked a Winter Holiday , just a few days to cover my 70th,I fancy walking in a Frosty or maybe Snowy Peak District .

@Emjay thats good , not long to wait now .

@Bathsheba could a birthday tea and sleep over be arranged for GD and Friend , could be a way of making it up to birthday girl.

@Jazzi a Holiday to look forward to , yay :smiley:

Good morning all.
I am not a happy bunny this morning. I did a blood sugar test this morning and it has gone up to 7.1. Now before I stopped taking the Metformin, it was in the low to mid 6. I am going to do it again at the recommend 2 hours after breakfast and after the first one.
I think I need to talk to my Dr again.
I have no need to say anything about the weather, as I feel sure it is the same everywhere in the UK.
Going now to do my daily puzzles on my iPad.

Eliza, yea, the caravan weekend is to cover my own 70th. Holly will go for a 24hr care, so leaving me free to go out and have fun. I will therefore spend 1 night in the caravan alone, the other 2 she will be with me. We will be staying not far from Susie, where we have been before. A wonderful area of grass for day time walks, overlooking the sea, but a beggar for night time as no lighting. Must pack the torch, lol.

Glad you have booked something for yourself. Indeed something to look forward to.

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Did the GP say you could stop the Metformin, and why?

Yes. He said that my levels were good and have been for a while.