Chips (french fries) - crispy or soggy?

I was just watching an interview with Lewis Capaldi where he declared his love of soggy chips from McDonald’s.

A writer in Bon Appetit magazine is also on the soggy french fry train.

Do you like your chips (fries) soggy or crispy?

  • Soggy
  • Crispy
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“I don’t want any nasty soggy chips - I want mine crisp und light brown.”


The best proper chips crispy or otherwise come from proper fish and chip shops, preferably by the seaside!
That’s just my opinion of course.

Roll on summer!
You do need to keep your wits about you though.

And definitely crispy for me please!


Just firm on the outside,soft but not soggy on the inside.
A chippy that serves soggy chips doesn’t get my custom.
My favourite pub chain does perfect Chips.


Agree entirely…and why does fish and chips taste better by the sea?

It probably doesn’t but it feels like it!


“If I say you’ll eat soggy chips, you’ll eat soggy chips.”


Brilliant!! :rofl:
Can’t access the clip though, some copyright issue or the other. I’m happy to say I have the Dad’s Army entire series on DVD.


I don’t remember that scene!
Great :grinning:.
Can’t have the Germans eating soggy chips.
VPN needed to view in UK!
Don’t tell him Pike!

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That guy needs to change outlets, I am no great supporter of Maccas for other non related reasons but to speak fairly I have RARELY - almost never had soggy chips from any of their outlets - in fact the converse is true & why I always buy there rather than other non Maccas places I used to go where it seemed almost as if they’d dunked the chips in oil momentarilly & then parked them to “soggy - ise” awaiting some poor victim aka customer. :confounded:


i like them crisp on the outside, put them on a large bap (bread cake) with oodles of butter, salt and vinigre, and let the melted butter drip down yer hand, you can then lick it up laters


But McDonalds fries aren’t proper chips at all, they are crispy thin stick things like twigs without a proper potato filling.


I like “proper chips” , not the “skinny fries” type chips that McDonalds sell.

I like them crisp and golden on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside.


Yes that’s how they should be.

But she (the author) or he (Lewis Capaldi) LIKES the soggy fries. She says she goes looking for them, digging for the ones on the bottom of the carton, waiting for the steam to soggy them up. Maybe they’d even go so far as waiting until the fries wilt to eat them or spraying them with vinegar.

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Vinegar? Definitely not, couldn’t bear to put it on my chips.


You’re in the minority. Depending on where you live, anywhere from 66% to 77% of people like vinegar on their chips.

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Actually none of those in the article, I don’t mind ketchup with them on certain things but not with fish.

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Chips and fries are different creatures!

Skinny fries should be hot and crisp, soggy McDonalds fries? ….Eugh!

Fish and chip shop chips can be a bit softer, especially when soaked in vinegar, but should still be crisp in the outside, soft in the middle

And my favourite, glorious home made deep fried chips, crisp and golden on the outside, fluffy and soft, not greasy, on the inside

The chip guru has spoken! :rofl:



This author agrees with you. I wonder where she lives? :thinking:

I disagree with the chip guru. :wink: McDonald’s fries aren’t the french fries I would get at a restaurant. They’re normally thicker. I lean toward steak fries myself, but I don’t see any difference between the french fries I ate when I was younger and the pictures of UK chips I see on Google.

Or do you call them fries where you are too?


Chips and fries crispy only,no salt or vinegar.

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