China's economy inflating!

Could this be the start of the great levelling up where China’s goods become the same price as
Western goods?
Where will Amazon etc get their stuff from next??

Donkeyman! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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India, that’s where :+1:
Today I needed to locate some old fashioned what I call bun-scourers without having to traipse along my local high street. I fully expected e-bay to take me to Chinese sellers, but the best price delivered by far were from India, so an Indian supplier received my order.

As one who used to buy a lot of stuff directly from China (via Ebay) I have noticed since the start of the pandemic that their prices have risen to the the point that it is not worth the effort and it is little more expensive to buy from local suppliers.

Shipping costs are part of the reason, they were heavily subsidised by the Chinese government now it would appear they are not or shipping costs have risen so much that the subsidy is ineffective.