Childrens book illustrations

I have always had an interest in children’s book illustrations. I was manager of a book shop for 3 years, 1973 -1976.
A lot of the pics were mundane, but there were exceptions.

I particularly liked the marvellous work of the twins Janette & Anne Graham Johnson. They were a class of their own& had a very interesting life, one dying tragically years before her sister
Alan Aldridge produced marvellous pics for “Ann in the Moon”, but never seemed to want to follow it up.
Of course, I enjoyed the old favourites, Mabel Lucy Atwell & Beatrix Potter. I was pleased to see the VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR is still a favourite.
What do you think of children’s books,? Will the internet obliterate them.
Ladybird books are much sought after (in good condiion) old ones with dust covers fetch even more. These old ones were 2/6 & don’t try to tell me they’re before your time.
“ Observer” books, I spy books. I lament their demise

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The internet wont obliterate them RJ - can get loads of books via the internet …
The artwork was very good - a nice way to make a living dont ya think …:smiley:

No Robert the internet will do no harm, at least for many more years to come…especially for the very young. Toddlers love a book and love looking at the pictures while nanna reads to them.
My youngest grandson is an avid reader and ‘marched’ through the Horrid Henry series.:smiley:
Though I see you can read it on line now :frowning:

I hadn’t thought about the illustrators before but you are right, there are some wonderful artists illustrating kids books.
I might draw attention to this fact, with my eldest granddaughter … she is very keen on drawing, and is now into pastels and watercolours.

Of the new ones I like the Jean Donaldson books illustrations like ‘Room on the Broom’ and the Gruffalow :slight_smile: My grandchildren love them.

Who could fail to remember the Arthur Rackham illustrations for AA Milne and Kenneth Grahame :slight_smile:

Theres nothing like a family member reading a story to you as a child …
It cannot be substituted - long may it continue …

Robert :slight_smile: I have this old book by Jane Gale Thomas upstairs described here …

I am no longer religious but love this little book with its simple illustrations…

It is an Alphabet book, this is A is for Angel

I still know all the little poems off by heart…:slight_smile:

Room on the Broom, is the one with the witch, I believe? :smiley:
And I looked at the link, Meg. As it says, each picture would make a lovely christmas card.

Yes, Pat … you can’t beat reading to your grandchildren

“Song of Celestine” has lovely artwork so has “Our Cat Flossie” we often buy a book for the pictures, we have a Book Barn near us, very cheap second hand books. I’m looking for a book by Brian Froud called “Master Snickups Cloak” (it’s a bit Tim Burton-ish)has great illustrations and lovely words in it like “unctuous cheese-gobbling fatpants” Don’t you just love the smell of books! You can’t get the feel or smell on technology!

Yes Janela :slight_smile: it is for very young children…—_-Room%20on%20the%20Broom&utm_source=google&utm_medium=basefeed&utm_campaign=ppc+basefeed&gclid=CLOGvvXP17sCFSKWtAodtnAAcw

Yes, that’s the one Meg :smiley:

We grandparents do a lot to help educate the kiddies, make life fun and leave lots of good memories.

My (nearly 14) granddaughter was hunting through the books last week, looking for a book that I used to read to her … we didn’t find it, but she remembered.:slight_smile:

Janela :slight_smile: I thank Grandparent power is greatly underestimated, I don’t know how the country would run without it .

Some of my sons most treasured memories are the time we spent together reading books :-).

Thank you all for your responses, I enjoy very much the retelling of memories.

My dad’s brother lived with us until I was about 5 & he loved books & I’m sure his reading them to me were the foundation of my later extensive vocabulary.
ON the minus side, he was a mariner & some of his uttterings were not suitable for minors. bless him.
ONe example was “The seven pillars of wisdom” by Lawrence of Arabia.& the" Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám "