Child Beauty Pageants Harmful?

I can’t help but feel that beauty pageants for young children aren’t healthy psychologically. I’ve seen them before and most of the children under layers of makeup, don’t seem like they’re enjoying the pageants at all. Do you feel that maybe these pageants are more about the mother’s pride than the children’s?


Children should be allowed to be children for as long as they can… you’re a long time old.

Some of those highly made up little girls look very scary and are so precocious.
Then you see their silly mothers drooling and whooping whilst the kid walks onto the stage and sings silly songs like, ‘On The Good Ship Lollipop’ in a sugary, squeaky tone.

Their mothers need to look at how they’re damaging their child and think about what paedophiles might be watching and leering over their child.


I think Child Beauty Pageants are grotesque.
In my opinion, it sends out all the wrong messages to children about what is important in life.


Hi Artangel. :slight_smile:

I agree. You only get to be a kid once. Let them have all of the fun they can.


I fully agree. I even kept a carful eye when our youngest daughter (4th of 4) decided she wanted to become a member of a cheerleader/majorette group. I was convince that type of female gathering always attracted the pervs & nonces. She was fine and I worried about nothing; now she has her own offspring and sings in a choir.


Yes, it’s like willingly having your child verbally and mentally abused and taught that looking better than any other person is the highest aspiration they should have, and the only way to make people proud of them. That’s so superficial, unbalanced and wrong. Then the wee girls have to deal with losing, which is viewed as a failure and upsets Mum who is trying to live some sick fantasy through her child and the child needs to understand how important it is for Mum to have that, which is why Mum is pushing you onto stage to be paraded like a pedigree animal that does tricks for sweets and toys.


I have noticed that the mothers are usually wannabes that never made it and want to live out their dream, through their children.

I feel the same about child modelling agencies.


Not the sort of thing I’d let any daughter of mine get involved in.

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