Check out these tunes

For our American cousins, written John Philip Susa, odd coincidence there, the last 3 letters of his surname is USA.

I love military tunes and bands, I’ve got 4 CD’s with allsorts like brass and highland pipe music etc, :slight_smile:

The tune’s also been adopted as a football favourite (here we go here we go here we go)

This is an upbeat version, . . love it.

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Fantastic! :lol:

I love Sousa, and that’s a long time favorite.

There’s a parody which all American kids know, and you cannot get the lyrics out of your head when you hear it:

Be kind to your web footed friends
For a duck may be somebody's mother
She lives in a swamp where it's damp
And the weather's always bad.
Now, you may think that this is the end...


Nero - you can embed youtube vids directly into your post… all you have to do is put the code that’s after the equals sign ‘=’ into YT tags so,

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Go ahead and edit your post above to give it a whirl :023:

Love it!!!

Waheyy, got it Azz, I tried that several times last week to no avail, must’ve be a blonde moment or two eh. :lol: :lol:

Our Italian resaurant

Billy Joel, I have this film on tape, . . . it’s a great show.

Waheyy, I got the embedding right again. :lol: :lol:

Billy’s a great showman, he started singing in the streets with his buddies and it went from there.

I shall have Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd:cool:

My choices for my funeral are: Abide with Me, You’ll Never Walk Alone, Smile finishing off with Tina Turner’s Simply The Best (much to my brother’s disgust!!!)

Monty Puthon`s Galaxy Song is going to be top of my list.

Love it, . . may the force be with you. :lol: :lol:

Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Love this group, I’ve got 2 CD’s of them, the tune you’re hearing was used in the Heinz baked beans commercial a few years ago.

Have you heard/seen this young zulu choir that was in our country recently -I cannot recall their name…?

Love LBM - particularly when singing with Paul Simon.

Here’s my favourite

Great stuff Denis, I love that kind of music too.

Grandmas feather bed

Love it, it held 8 kids and 4 hound dogs. :lol:

Love John Denver too…

Lol never seen that before :044: