Cheapest PAYG Mobile? 1p

If you’re looking to save money and don’t want to be signed up to long pricey phone contracts with monthly subscriptions or indeed with PAYG tariffs charging stupid money, then this is probably the cheapest option out there imo.

I landed on this after hunting around and so glad I did. It’s almost free !!

The details:

1pMobile is on the EE Network. It is 3G.

Basic Costs

Texts cost 1p each

Calls cost 1p per min (for both calls to UK landlines starting 01, 02, 03 and calls to UK mobiles)

Data costs 1p per MB

Voicemail costs 1p per min (access and retrieval)[/b]

Those are the main basic charges most people will use.

There are others for more specific business numbers etc and Picture Messages are 30p each and so on.

Roaming Charges

Making calls 1p per min (Calls to UK and Zone 1 landlines and mobiles)

Receiving calls Free (Receiving calls when in Zone 1)

Texts 1p per message (Texts to UK and Zone 1 mobiles)

Picture message 30p per message (Messages to UK and Zone 1 mobiles)

Data 1p per MB (Using mobile data when in Zone 1)

There are other charges for different Zones which are of course more expensive like calls to Canada, Australia etc.

Your Commitment

Your only commitment when using 1pMobile is to top up your phone with at least £10 once every 120 days !!

That’s £10 every 4 months so in total £30 for the entire year !

If there is a PAYG phone service out there that comes anywhere near this I’d like to hear it.

For £30 a year I get pretty much free texts and calls for the duration. Personally I think it is brilliant and how all mobile phone companies should have been operating for years instead of royally screwing everyone with ridiculous charges and contracts.

I’ve been using 1pMobile for about 2-3 months and it’s been excellent. The reception (on the EE network) has been fine.

3 are the nearest in costs…but 3 have a lower minimum top-up(£5)and no time limit.

As for contracts…you cannot state they are a rip off, without looking foolish…some contracts suit some users some don’t.

Personal choice is just that, a choice.
No right or wrong, no good or bad.

Looking at that I’m not sure it would be cheaper than my family contract with BT we were just saying the other day with number of texts and data we use between us we couldn’t do it without a contract.

It’s only £40 a month and we get our 4 handsets, huge data allowance think it’s 10g, 2000 texts and that’s just our mobile phones, we get home phone with caller display too.

If we paid for tv we could add it for £5 a month but we use free sat.

It’s a good deal for anyone using payg but it’s worth looking at contracts too if you want to use a smart phone effectively. I’d imagine downloading books would cost a bit on payg who ever you go with. I think we average about 30 books a month between us.

Mmmm, that sounds like a good deal Realist, I am reluctant to change due to the hassle of having a new phone number.

You can retain your existing number.

Ahhh, ok…that might be worth considering then, I have a smart phone, trouble is the user is not to smart so I am not using it to its full capability, I have only just learned how to pair it to the new car…:blush:

I wouldn’t pretend I use mind to its capacity but it’s replaced my sat nav, kindle, camera, and I can use it for web browsing as well, all my lists are on it, I’m a list maker lol all my library of books, I shop with it all my groceries etc.

It’s worth experimenting to see what it will do or wiki and you tube have some great tutorials.

Thanks Julie, you are a star, I will certainly do that, I have had a gander at the website provided by Realist, (thanks) so I am going to give it a go…to boldly go (or go boldly) where no Rehab has gone before :smiley:

If I get stuck trying to do something on the phone, I just ask the first 8 year old that I see.

Yes they do seem rather better equipped for this new world than I am. Worries me a it I’m trying to parent a child that is more tech savvy and cleverer than me, I don’t stand a chance really do I ? I even had to ask how to put parental controls on the phone, she showed me :shock:

It’s a conspiracy…I tell thee…a conspiracy to get you all following conspiracy head shed Realist:lol:

I bought a phone 4 yrs ago from vodaphone think it was 50 quid . I don’t use data so it’s permanently switched off so when home or at a friends I use WiFi . I pay £8.50 per month and get 600 minutes talk time which I hardly use and unlimited texts .

I’m happy with it , but must admit to not being savvy with phones etc

I spent years with mine turned off saying I didn’t need a smart phone, inherited one my husband couldn’t figure out and I don’t been amazed how useful it is.

Yeah I tried Three before I stumbled on 1pMobile. I could barely get a signal from the Three network, and I remember having the same problem many years ago when I tried a Mobile Broadband dongle from them. It was just useless and it seems little has changed.

Aside from that Three charge 100% more per text than 1pMobile and 200% more for calls so a bit of a no-brainer TBH.

For sure. There will always be people wanting to spunk away tons of money on monthly contracts. It’s a free world and I’m happy for them to have that choice. Those that do though best not be whinging about poverty and taxes and the like though !

OMG seriously ?

That’s a whopping £480 per year !!!

Whereas with 1pMobile, 2000 texts costing just 1p each would cost just £20 !

Ok having the landline incorporated changes things but only a little. If you worked on a rough £15 per month for an average BT landline rental charge that would be £180.

You’re still paying £300 over and above that.

I don’t use a smart phone and am unlikely to do so despite being an IT geek and computer enthusiast. I use a phone for communicating, texting and very occasional calls.
I use a computer for surfing the internet.

Mobile contracts are for me, one of the areas people can compromise on in order to save themselves a lot of money which could instead go towards paying off their mortgages and other debts.

This is when your post’s lose my interest.

They’re interesting until you add the aloof attitude.
It’s a shame, really.

I went with 3 because of their very cheap rates when abroad…nothing at that time(march 2016) compared.

Horses for courses.

Well we paid our mortgage off and have no debts so the sneery attitude is wasted here. I’ll continue to fight for the low paid and those on benefit as they need help not because I do.

Thanks for the info Realist. Like you, I only use a moby for calls, using computers for all else. My smartphone is a dumb phone.

When leaving who ever your are with ask for a pac code.

I must be a bit odd I like changing my number, then I can start again only giving it to people I think need it. Must have changed mine every couple of years since I first got one.