CHAT Christmas at The Garden Centre

My local Garden Centre prepared to welcome their customers this Christmas …


It looks like a lovely place Mags & our local garden centre usually does something similar.
Lovely photo’s too.
Forgive me though for being amused at their use of that oh-so-traditional Christmas stalwart, the unicorn.


Thanks Zaphod :+1:

I don’t understand the connection with Christmas and the Unicorn either! :smiley:

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Is that the Whitehall Garden Centre Whitchurch?
We go up there every year since the kids were young.
Their displays are really good worth a trip out to see. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, that’s the one Chillie :+1:

That’s just up the road from me. Planned to visit soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do like the display…its really pretty! We don’t have anything up here yet, but I did notice the Christmas lights were getting put up today, so there’s that…

That looks lovely ,Mags, thanks for sharing,I’m in the Christmas spirit already, I bought some gingerbread latte today at Sainsbury’s,:+1::+1:


@Mags - how colourful - I love the Swans.

@Zaphod - well … that’s the thing about Unicorns - like Santa they are very rarely seen!

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Nor the swans - but both are pretty!

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That’s true Tabby, I didn’t give that a thought! :grinning:

That all looks very pretty pictures, Mags.
They’ve certainly pushed the boat out, haven’t they. :yum:

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I knew Santa was present but there was a Unicorn and Gnomes at the birth of Jesus?

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[quote=“Bruce, post:13, topic:85844, full:true”]
I knew Santa was present but there was a Unicorn and Gnomes at the birth of Jesus?
[/quote] :thinking: I don’t remember them being part of the event.

Surprise surprise Bruce, we are always learning something new! :wink: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you Mups, it really was beautiful walking from room to room, it must take ages putting all those decorations up.