Charlie's Angels - who was your favorite?

Continuing the discussion from Britain in the Seventies:

On another thread about the 70s, we were discussing our favorite Charlie’s Angel.

Which is yours?

  • Kate Jackson
  • Jaclyn Smith
  • Cheryl Ladd
  • Farrah Fawcett
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The one on the left, phwoar

There was just as fit Birds down the High Street, if you knew where to look :icon_wink:

My choice as well.

Were they solving crimes too and doing acrobatic fights?

armed and dangerous

If you pick one, it might have a negative emotional impact on the others, as such, all four are gorgeous.

(In the right light) :smiley:

So where precisely did you look? It so happens that I have to go shopping later, might as well make a day of it.

Too late, there has to be an ambience, an atmosphere that is invisible, you have to use your senses to exploit the energy, it is a temporary phenomenon that some fools spend a lifetime trying to recreate :laughing: :icon_wink:

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Blimey…sorry I asked ! :rofl:

That’s Ok :grin:

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so what do Charlie’s angels look like now, any piccies you technos

I don’t think I ever saw an episode but then I have never seen The Simpsons either.

However I do remember watching 77 Sunset Strip

I don’t know her name so haven’t voted yet.

Is that a porn site?



Cheers Bruce… :nerd_face:
I remember watching it as a spotty faced 8 year old back in the day. I still remember ‘Cookie’ continually combing his hair back like Elvis. A few kids in my class at school followed his example and lost their hair by the time they moved up to secondary school…

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Definitely Farrah Fawcett when I was a nipper. But I only watched it for a short time as it seems they had run out of ideas for the show not long after it started and when the cast changed, that was the beginning of the end of it.

Looks like someone’s decided on his favourite.

Maybe I should get some strides like that?
Could work wonders for my libido :wink::+1: