Change of Government in SA

The Liberal Government has been soundly defeated in South Australia after only one term in power. It is rare for a government in Australia to be booted out after only one term. Labor will gain enough seats to rule in its own right. 24 seats are needed to win it is predicted that they will win 28 as counting continues.

Labor’s Peter Malinauskas will become South Australia’s 47th premier after leading the party to a historic victory. He will become the first leader to defeat a sitting government since the pandemic began.

The shock defeat has seen the Liberals lose five seats — Adelaide, Newland, Davenport, King and Elder — and has left some senior ministers’ seats in doubt.

Labor lost the 2018 state election after 16 years in power.

The Australian PM, Scotty from Marketing, must be viewing this result with a certain element of dismay, one wonders what tactic of diversion or fear he will employ between now and the Federal Election in May.

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All the seats Labor took off the Liberals have been won by women.

The Liberals have also had a problem with disaffected Liberals winning what were once safe seats as independents with at least one Minister losing his seat to an Independent.

It is also possible that the Premier could lose his seat as counting continues.