Central Heating - It’ll be freezing this Christmas

Set to the tune of “It’ll Be Lonely This Christmas” by Elvis:

[CENTER][B][I]It’ll be freezing this Christmas
Without any gas
It’ll be freezing this Christmas
I may freeze my ass
It’ll be cold, so cold, with no heating on
This Christmas

It’ll be freezing this Christmas
With no one to hold
It’ll be freezing this Christmas
My boiler’s too old
I will be frozzed, so frozzed, how will I keep warm?
This Christmas[/I][/B][/CENTER]


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Nice …:smiley:

I am singing along :smiley:

How warm are you?

Have you had to put your central heating on yet this autumn? Just got my boiler serviced (£68) all ready.

Wont be long now - I freeze in the winter …
The summer is unbearable too, endure burning pins and needles throughout … Ah well, such is life …:-p

My boiler runs on a thermostat so I never bother to turn it off. It has just started to ‘fire up’ in the mornings for about 5 mins and not yet in the evenings. Must get it serviced some time.

I’m hoping that the oil in the tank will last another couple of months and I’ll get a top-up before Xmas.

Not yet but it’s not that cold here at the moment.

I’m just about to open a window to cool down, bit warm here today. Have never turned heating on before end of October before and try to hold out into November if we can.

My downstairs neighbour puts hers on mid August and we take advantage of that !

Put c/h on day I returned from Belfast (last week) for about an hour, but since then, have no reason to do so, as its still too warm.

Being putting mine on in the evenings and when I shower as it’s chilly in the bathroom.

Only had it on 2/3 times so far, but I have changed the timer settings to the winter times. I control it with the thermostat.

Haven’t felt cold enough to put the heating on yet, I’m still comfortable wearing short sleeved tops around the house at the moment…

That could be a number one this Christmas…

next verse…then buy a new boiler if that one’s too old
a nice new boiler worth it’s weight in gold
it wouldn’t be right for you to be cold
this Christmas.

if you can’t afford one,then buy one of these
a nice fluffy fleece, to wrap round your knees
we wouldn’t be happy if you had to freeze…this Christmas…:-D:022:

Ours is set by thermostat and it hasn’t been cold enough to kick in yet.

Wide open windows here today.:cool:

In the eight years and 9 months we have lived in this flat, I have had the heating on three times, the day we moved in we used to gas fire for a couple of hours, and have used the radiators twice, both times for no more than an hour. I keep saying I should shove a fiver through the neighbours doors, both the two floors below and the one next door. Even now my lounge windows are open and have been since around March, my bedroom window is always open and my kitchen window is open more often than closed.

Glad I am not on my own then, the bathroom is freezing so put the heating on for the shower and turn it off after.I put it on also about nine at night so the bedroom is warm at bedtime. Its not going to be fun if we have the electric off, our heating doesnt come on then although its LPG.So it will be a frozen Annie this winter

Read recently that a cool bed and bed room is more condusive to getting and staying asleep than is a warm bed and room. It is to do with the way a body reacts to temperatures, body temp lowers and encourages sleep. The article was about insomnia and ways to overcome, said something about getting out of hot bath, then into cold bed/room actually helps body drop off quicker than a hot bed/room. Have to say I am inclined to agree. Diving into a cold bed may not sound ideal, but the oxygen carrying blood is diverted to warm the body, thus brain ixtgen and therefore brain activity is reduced.


That’s exactly what I’m going to do, Lavander. I do have a fleecy blanket which I bought to drape around a chair upstairs, but I’ve still got loads of blankets which I’ve never had the heart to throw out, so I’ll be okay. Got to stay cheery! :mrgreen:

Last night I put up a thread in Home & DIY about central heating, so I won’t repeat it here, but have a little read. :smiley: