Cats and idiots on my property


I have a serious problem with cats getting into my garden and using it as a toilet.

I also have had problems with idiot humans getting into my back garden and into my sheds.

I have tried the plastic deterrent spikes, to no use at all.

I have now got NATO Spec Galvanised Razor wire, to be placed on my side of the fences.

Nasty, but necessary.

Cats are easily dealt with, use a possum trap and take them to the Pound, their owners soon get fed up with paying Pound fees or replacing them.

Human beings I never have trouble with but the razor wire sounds effective.

I thought that was illegal, Swimmy? If it stops your human visitors - good!

As for the cats - have you seen this:-

I am told it really works.


Perfectly legal if it is on your side of the fence and you have the signage.

I seriously object to cats using my garden as a toilet and killing the birds.

It will be an annoyance to the cats, it will be much worse for humans.

I have just read an article of a neighbour doing exactly as you are about to do.

Saw a picture of it on the wall.

Apparently the RSPCA can do nothing until the cat is injured…take note, “ injured”.

I know they can be extremely annoying, but I personally don’t believe it’s the right route to take.

They could seriously hurt themselves trying to get out of that razor wire.

Have you looked into any other options?.

A human being yes, because “ they know” they shouldn’t be there in the first place.
Even then I believe you can still be liable from what I’ve read online. if they hurt themselves.
A cat knows no difference, they don’t understand, therefore could get extremely tangled in that razor wire, it makes me cringe just thinking about the serious damage it could do.

Did you look at the link I gave you, Swimmy? It keeps the cats away without hurting them.


Yes, I have tried all sorts.

Nice neighbours cat only comes in the front garden and is no problem at all.

It does not poo everywhere and is very friendly.

Well said Tabby! I am a cat lover and my cats never go on to other peoples gardens, but not all cat owners have the expanse of land that I do.
I despise anybody who thinks it is ok to harm cats that may go through their garden, because cats can’t read notices :!:


Not as simple as that Twink.

If you have a dog you take it for a walk and pick up the poo, bag it and no problem to others.

If you have a cat you accept that it will poo in other peoples gardens and you will not clean up after it.

That means that you accept that you are putting others at risk.

Simply not on.

Owners clean up after dogs, they should the same for cats.

You can control cats, I lived with one of my tall slim blondes for 3 years, they used inside and outside litters and where not a problem.

Owning a cat is the same as owning a dog , you are responsible for it’s actions.

Cats can roam and do as they please,which includes pooping in another’s garden…that is the law.

There is no law that tells me I have to go and pick up my cats poop from a neighbours garden, which is about a mile up the road.
They aren’t leashed like a dog, they are free to roam…dogs aren’t.
Not that I have a cat.


There is also no law that says I cannot protect my garden and my health.

If you choose to have cats you accept the responsibility.

The cat next door does not poo in my garden, only comes in the front garden and likes a treat and a tickle between her ears.

I have already posted that RSPCA can take action if a cat harms itself and it gets entangled in that razor wire SF…I understand what you are saying about your property though…

Cats have rights and are protected as well you know, …I think you should have looked into it more,:slight_smile:

As for stealing out of your shed , it’s the area you live in I believe, I have nothing of value in my tiny shed…

They know what you have, didn’t you have problems with neighbours?

Some have nothing better to do than check out what others have in their sheds, so they can steal then sell the items on…

We’ve had stealing out of sheds here a while back…

I can’t see this stress helping your health…I wish there was an easy solution for all of this…unfortunately there isn’t.

SF…I have also just read it’s not illegal to put it up…but…it’s the harm that it may do to a cat…that’s when they can take action…if you feel it’s worth the risk…up to you though in the end.

I like to see the occasional cats coming round to visit.

When they are around, the rats and mice are not.

As for poop, on the garden, what I see is too big to be from cats, more likely from a fox.

Maybe I should put a notice up saying “Foxes Not Allowed”

Put down black pepper cats also dislike citrus so you could try orange/ lemon peel .

We had a fox coming in and using the raised beds as a toilet. Had to clear away a big poo every day until it was covered in potato plants and some grating. Animals think humans put the raised beds there for them to use as a nice soft toilet. The cats do this in Autumn/winter.

Swim the answer to both problems is to get a dog. a) it will warn you when either are in the garden and b) it will definitely get rid of any cats. They also scare off intruders. Also very good company and you could get someone to walk it for you, or get a small yappy dog that doesn’t need lots of walking.

One major problem there Bruce. The only place you’ll find a possum in England is in a zoo so possum traps aren’t readily available. :lol:

Not sure if we have pounds either.

I’m sure we have council dog pounds here, Muddy.

Stray dogs are kept for seven days…then put down,if no owner turns up.:frowning:

Or they can’t find them a home, I don’t even think they look for a home for them…not sure though.

If you aren’t keen on dogs you could get a cat Swim.
Cats are very territorial, especially the female of the variety, and won’t generally allow transgressors into their patch.
Maddie the cat is getting on a bit now with arthritis in her hind legs, but she will stand her ground to any animal that approaches our property including the worst yappy dogs walking past. Such a stubborn animal and does what she wants, a bit like her owner. It’s a quality I admire in her…:cool:

I keep a small patch of garden freshly dug for her toilet and she can dig and poop as much as she likes, and every now and then I clean it up and turn it over for her, I’ve never seen her use any other part of our, or anyone else’s garden.

I do get some hedgehog poo on the garden occasionally but I am glad they visit, and Maddie does have a healthy respect for hedgehogs…:surprised:

To my mind it seems you are at risk of exacerbating the problems and of getting yourself in a legal challenge such as people who cannot read English.

Determined thieves would come prepared with cutters.

Unless you have CCTV you have no idea what animals, pets or wildlife are in your garden.

Apart from looking ugly and hostile, do not believe it is necessarily going to stop cats or idiots.