Catacombs a Huge Cemetery Below Paris

Below Paris…A Huge Cemetery…
Underneath the streets of Paris is one of the spookiest places in France – the Paris catacombs. Opened in the 18th century, the catacombs are one of the largest graveyards on record with the remains of around 6 million people buried here. It is a maze of dark passageways with walls lined with skulls and skeletons that is enough to give anyone a fright. There are a few skeletons that aren’t meant to be there either – like that of Philibert Aspairt whose body was found in 1804, 9 years after he disappeared in the catacombs

There are other Catacombs around the World.
This link shows them.


Wow, this looks quite fascinating…I would love to see this in real life! :astonished:

There’s 100,000 plague victims from the 1600’s buried in mass graves underneath London too.

This site even has a map …


Ok…so we have The Pest House, The Pardon Plague Pits, and Gipsy Hill Plague Pits! Certainly intriguing names :joy:

Thank you for sharing Di.

I don’t think I would visit though…

No thanks.I’ve been in the one in Rome.Not out of choice,I was on a school trip and it was supposed to be edukayshunal.Nice and cool though.

You can go in the sewers in Paris too,never been tempted by that either.

No I would not go near the place, but found it interesting and shocking when I first came across this many months ago.
It was only today that I saw others around the world also.

Nope on the sewers, what a weird thing to go into…
We have fosse septiques as the norm here in Rural France, that I am now use to but on a grand scale…no way.

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There’s so many nice places to go above ground in Paris.:slight_smile:

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Yes, I agree :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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