Carry On Actors

I bought this picture at a house sale . I had seen the sign up and although we were about to move to France and we had just about packed everything up.
I couldn’t resist just popping in for a quick look…
I found some beautiful hand painted plates of country scenes which were made by Royal Worcester painted by Peter Barrett…now have the full 12 of the collection…
But the picture of a Cat was what caught my eye most of all, at £1.00 was going to be mine…
Carry on Star, Patsy Rowlands


I had no idea when I bought it at first as just loved the Cat…
just taken these in a rush so the quality is as it is… :icon_eek:


What a fabulous find, Dianne! :+1:

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Aww … a good painting from the late Patsy. A pity she died the way she did but at least the hospice would have controlled her pain … RIP Patsy.

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You never know is an artist… and this one has been done in charcoals. I did open the back as I did not know…
It very nice to have the personnel message on the back of the work to her friend. I had met and chatted with the Son and he did speak of his Mother kindly. They lived in the same Lane as myself,and that part has been badly affected by the new houses being built on the farmland at the end of their Gardens…This was what I had posted before about it…

imagine one day you have uninterrupted views across the farmland and next you have the new building of many houses.
…A new road had been built whilst I was still living there. It went as far inland to past the next Village called Sidley.
Just seen her Son is Editor of Hi-Fi Plus Magazine`

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