Carpet slippers for men

Mens carpet slippers. Why don’t they make them in half sizes? I normally get a pair of size 8 but they stretch so much after a time they are more like a pair of size 10. So today just back from M&S with a pair of size 7 and hope they stretch. At least I don’t have to shuffle along desperate to keep them on.

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I wear boots all the time - except in bed…

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I buy those M&S slip-on ones, no heels in them. That way a little
small or slightly too large then they still fit. :grinning:

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I can’t get on with that type, clinging on by the toes all the time??? no not for me

I find them OK, you don’t have the feeling you are ‘clinging on by the toes’ as they are also kept on with the width of the foot. Everyone to their own though, especially when it comes to comfort. :grinning:

Is there a different between carpet slippers and normal slippers?

Not that I know of.

I only buy M&S slippers. They don’t seem to get any longer but they do get a bit wider as they age.

What’s wrong with bare feet? Does me.

Carpet slippers is a somewhat old fashioned term I think. People generally just call them slippers these days. Bit like saying overcoat, instead of just coat, which is more usual now.

Mr B always goes out of his way to wind me up by saying carpet slippers and overcoat. He gets the eye roll :roll_eyes:

Never wear slippers also walk about in socks indoors . Probaby why my socks always have holes in them !

Because it’s flaming cold in the U.K. you have probably forgotten .

I thought you all had central heating keeping your houses toasty warm

Its never that warm .

UGG slippers are the best - expensive but definable worth it. I think they come in half sizes too

But I don’t suppose you wear the left one. :slightly_smiling_face:

Eh ?

… why would I only wear one slipper ?

Because of your aversion to anything left.

Ironically, if you only wore the left one, it would make you lean even more to the right. :001:

I wear both slippers Harbal. I don’t politicise my own footwear to make life difficult for me :lol:

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You are clearly smarter than you seem, Bread. I have misjudged you.

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