Carnivorous Plants

Does anyone else like these?

I’ve got quite a few now, they fascinate me.
Here are some of mine. I wish I had room for more. :grinning:


I do! I have some seeds that I’ll be planting once I move, but I have had them before. It was my son who started me on them when he asked for a “triffid” for his birthday one year :joy:

probably good if you are allergic to mosquito and fly bites. I had a venus fly trap many years ago. I think it was from Ikea

I love those plants, :heartpulse:

They were on The Green Planet last week .

I love them too, they are fascinating! They are great for keeping the house fly-free. I used to have a venus fly trap, but it was when my kids were teens, and they just kept poking it to see the leaves snap shut, and eventually they killed it. Maybe I’ll get another one this year.

Drat! I missed it.

Yes, I have read that will eventually kill them, Sheba.

It takes energy for them to operate their traps, and the food replaces it again.
So to keep making them work for nothing will wear them out.

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Exactly Mups. I explained this to them, but the little monsters just couldn’t resist :icon_rolleyes:

There are plenty of others that don’t snap shut like the Venus Fly Traps do if kids fiddle with them.

There are the ones with sticky leaves that insects get stuck on, and ones with tall trumpets that save water in the bottom so insects drown etc.

These people had many excellent types, and explain caring for them really well, but unfortunatelt they seem to have closed down because of the pandemic.
There is still loads of info on their pages though.

I find the sticky ones so upsetting Mups. I can’t remember where I saw them, whether it was a zoo trip or similar, but they made shivers go down my spine for some reason.

Did it come in a flat pack?

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You can see it on iPlayer Mups
the Green Planet episode 3 will be on tonight ( Sunday ) at 7.00 pm

Thanks very much, Muddy. :+1:

Was it very difficult to assemble? :slightly_smiling_face:

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