Car dashcams again

originally I bought the nextbase 312 GW version which still works ok. Just one issue is in setting it up, it is all done by buttons alongside the screen hence the screen is small . Just been looking at and purchased (arriving tomorrow) the 522GW version. everything is now touch screen and a lot bigger and will be easier to program. few more features built in and can add a rear view setup later on if I want to

Make sure you set the screen to turn off after a few minutes, it gets VERY hot otherwise

Halfords didn’t have it in stock so bought on line instead. No wonder shops close down if you cannot buy in store

Ok old dashcam out and new one in and easy enough to install. However I decided it was not worth getting a “piggy back” hard wired again so what a game to remove the existing one. Would you believe the fusebox I had plugged into is located behind the glove box and this has to be removed completely first. OK swear time “what a b*stard job that is” having to be almost upside down in the front passanger footwell to see where the lugs clip into.
I would have used to existing hard wired cable but the cable connector that goes into the unit to clear the windowscreen is right angled and the old one is straight. The dashcam mount is a lot closer to the front screen so the straight connector fouls up against the glass