Car Breakdown Insurance


Just done mine with Green Flag.

It went up from £81.47 to £104.16.

Rang them up and got it for £87.23

Well worth a ring.

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Mine’s with RAC.
Can’t remember how much it is offhand, but I paid a bit extra to cover breakdown from home as well as out on the road.


I have Homestart as well Mups.

What does breakdown insurance cover?

I have never heard of such a thing - I am a member of the NRMA which covers towing, car hire etc if you do breakdown but never heard of insurance for breakdowns. My car has just finished its five year guarantee period.

Miy break down cover is currently with my car insurance , I might not bother next year I drive so little and when I do it’s within a few miles of home.

I don’t have ‘hope start’ if I have a problem at home I ring my garage and they send someone out. This has happened twice in the last year and I am hoping the problem has been fixed. I am lucky in having a very good local garage which values its customers. They had to move premises a couple of years ago to farther away from town which made them even more eager to retain customers.

I’m with Green Flag too, it covers both myself and Rosemary in any vehicle we happen to be travelling in, regardless of ownership. We pay around ten quid a month.

I’m with Start Rescue, have been for a few years now having moved from Green flag. £40.49 per year. I have used them once and all went well and within the hour

I’m with green flag too, covers everything from home start…I can’t remember what I pay yearly , but if it goes up that much, I’ll be phoning them too. I was with another company…24/7 I think it was called, the coil spring broke while I was driving, so I phoned them, I know you’re not supposed to drive if you know it’s broken…it could puncture the tyre…they refused to come out, saying it was neither a mechanical or electrical fault…they said it was an accident, I phoned the local garage who told me to phone green flag, who came out and towed my car to the garage…it cost me £25 and the guy from green flag told me to phone 24/7 and ask for the money back…which I did ,after 3 or 4 emails to their head office…eventually I got a cheque for £25, I’ve been with green flag ever since…

We’re with Green Flag too. Have been for donkey’s ages.

We’ve been with Green Flag for years and pay £53.53 a year.

Mines covered with ford, every time I have my car serviced, it renews the break down cover, it covers everything and includes a hire car should I need it

Still no wiser about what breakdown insurance covers and how it differs from say AA or RAC membership.

I got my car insured last week with Aviva second year running, includes Green Flag cover at £81.47.

I don’t think it does differ. It’s just the “membership” is quite often included in your car insurance policy nowadays.

Nothing any different as these breakdown services now just call themselves ‘Breakdown Insurance’, the service is the same which is all that matters to me the few times I’ve needed them, usually at a very inconvenient time or place.

Both the AA and RAC also have insurance services. It could be that they might insure against any of us breaking down in much the same way retailers of electrical appliances offer ‘insurance cover’ via a third party company.

After all that’s what happens with most insurance companies who insure us against accidents when driving. They pass on the risk to underwriting companies such as Lloyds of London.

AA and RAC are generally more expensive because they use their own mechanics and vehicles whereas the others are cheaper and use local garages that sign up for the service.

Ah! got it now. Ta

we have both cars with RAC, paid for with Tesco vouchers :smiley: