Cant wait to settle in

Can’t wait to settle in and have some real sensible chat and meet some nice folk. Have a good one all and thank you for the site.

Hi Pokertom----I don’t usually frequent the group as much as before but
found your comment on my email. I shall be pleased to chat with you when I visit again. Take it easy and enjoy the day/night.

Its not always sensible chat … but we do have a few debates which can be fun…
See you out there …:wink:

Hello Frank :slight_smile: welcome, I look forward to chatting with you…

Morning Frank and welcome from me too

Hello Frank - warm welcome to you from Pats :smiley:

Welcome from me too. Eeeeer how do you know his name is Frank? :blush::shock::shock: I’m reading Pokertom. :lol::lol:

Because its in his profile ;0)

Oh, I’m not nosy, like some. :-p:lol::lol:

Will go and have a look now. Heee! Heee!

Hello Frank :slight_smile: a warm welcome to the forum!

Good morning Frank matey and welcome.

And a good morning to you to. I hope I find you well and thank you for the welcome. Everyone seems friendly in over 50’s unless the flack hasn’t started yet lol . I Loved the food comments and how funny it is but so true. keep safe

Thank you for your good wishes Frank matey, and you’re very welcome. As you review all the threads and get to know us all, you’ll see that I am a resident Gormand (I just LOVE my food!!!), albeit I eat ‘safari’ meats which others on here think strange.

I will try anything once Joe . Safari food sounds inviting . My weakness is the old beef stew and dumplins with crusty bread for the dunking. I’m just getting into the Asian side of cooking as I do like the odd curry. Just retired and now have some spare time to sus out other styles. but my main aim is to bake an edible loaf. Sorry about your pains hope its not to bad. I have just started to get the old joint pains due to my job and as a guitarist the wrists/ knuckles are suffering.

Hello and a warm welcome :slight_smile:


And a big Hello to you to Moyra
Many thanks for the welcome. As I have said to other welcome wishers it seems a lovely place to be in the over 50’s club . A nice place to be with a hot cuppa (depending on the time of day) :wink: and put my feet up.

Hello there Tom and welcome to the forum. There are some good topics to have a natter (or moan) about and the flack will come :wink:

Look forward to chatting with you. Are you a Brummie by birth?

Frank matey I have an excellent butcher not too far away from me, - he gets me: Camel, Crocodile, Buffalo, Eland, Kangaroo, Kudu, Ostrich, Wildebeeste, & Zebra steaks. Each and every one has its own unique flavour and I like all of them.

Hi Ben-.Thanks for the welcome. Born and bred about 10 miles north of Brumm just a few yards from being a black country bloke lol. If you heard my accent its close enough hahaha.I see your from the I,O,M. I spent many a happy hour and pounds at the TT and rode the course a few yrs back .Are you from our shores as you ask about Brumm

That’s interesting about the Isle of Man. :slight_smile: My late father in law competed there for years and we had to scatter his ashes over the course in 2008. Interesting experience!!

The men in my family have bikes - about 8 the last count!!:shock: I stay well clear.!!