Cancelling orders

What a game I have had. One company I have had auto renewal with for many years I decided to renew each year manually instead. The company “iolo (system mechanic)” almost impossible access to cancel automatically. I went from page to page - putting in my email address - order number to get a link, then back to where I started from to repeat the same time and time again. Eventually what worked was a direct request to their customer service. I still want to use the product but renew it manually instead.

I’ve had that problem in the past with AVG. It took 3 phone calls to their customer service desk to get things sorted.

Same same here, changed contracts with Virgin media, they sent me an O2 SIM card which I didn’t want and not part of of the contract now being billed for £25 pm, contacted Virgin…sorted they say…contacted O2 sorted they say…still getting a bill! :weary: