Canadian mass stabbing. 10 dead and many injured in Saskatchewan

What a very sad and horrible day for the Canadian people.
Two brothers went mass stabbing people 10 are dead and many injured, the killers are still on the run.
My heart goes to all the family victims and I can not help but feel sorry for the mother of these two mass murderers. What a horrific situation indeed.

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Its awful, and I hope they catch the suspects as soon as possible. :frowning_face: That poor community.


We live in a terrible world.

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have to agree Pen

My son just visited and he was saying the self same thing.

What is it with people, why do so many want to go around killing other humans? Sticking knives and shooting? Why, just why. Can’t get my head around it and cannot come up with any answers to my question.

I wait with anticipation what the reason these two butchers did this atrocity, will we ever know?

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Too many people
Like rats in a barrel we turn in on our kind.