Can you tell what it is yet


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Is it a cardboard box?

Could the contents be for wall mounting a TV?

No LT.

Is it a plane? Like sanding plane, not aeroplane (!)

No, Sorry Pixs.

You stick it up the chimney :lol:

Yes he does but what’s in the box? :mrgreen:

A Bike perhaps?

Correct LD, here’s one.

Wooooooo! Do I get a prize?

I just thought that one of the parts looked like bike forks.

That looks like great fun.

That is the rear swingarm, the mono shock and forks are next on the shopping list.

The youngsters will get a bit of a shock, when I remove my crash hat.:lol:


First bit done, now its time to give the Chinese Economy a bit of a boost.

Is it a Bat Bike? :lol:

I still don’t get it… :frowning: Looks like something from star wars fell on its bum! :smiley:

Got to get some cash back when this is done, goin to sign up as the fastest Deliveroo deliverer in the West.:lol::lol:

All will be obvious when the parts start arriving.:slight_smile:

I hope you will only be turning on the power for only the steepest or longest of hills Spitty!

Otherwise it’s pedal power all the way :smiley: