Can you identify this flower, please?

Can anyone give a name to this flower please?

I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a wild flower but it looks too pretty for that. :confused:

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I have a feeling it’s a Sildacea, Mags.
I used to have one myself but it didnt do very well here.

I cant post piccy on this tablet I’m on tonight, but if you google the name you will soon see it.

It’s no good, I can’t post the picture for you Mags, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is.


Well done Mups, that’s the one! :038:

It’s growing in my Son’s garden and I’ve tried to find out the name of it for a few years now :smiley:

He’ll be chuffed when I tell him :lol:
Thanks a lot!:023:

I am pleased.
Don’t know why it wouldn’t let me do the picture, probably something I’m doing wrong, but glad you found it.

It’s very pretty isn’t it.

Mups :slight_smile: when I take photos with my tablet I send them to my computer and post them from there. It seemed a lot easier doing it that way.

It’s very pretty Mags - well done Mups! I want one now :slight_smile:

It’s very pretty isn’t it Annie … such a delicate pink too… :slight_smile:

Hah. I don’t even know how to take photo’s with this new tablet yet. I couldn’t put up the google link for you either.:lol:
Never mind, you found it anyway.

Yes, it’s made me want to try another one too, now. :slight_smile:

Well done Mups. :slight_smile: