Can you guess

What these are, to the right hand of his face…plus the two pictures of them close up.

These are live creatures.


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Don’t know - but wouldn’t want to meet them!

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I saw these in my gardening club, on FB,I said it was a wind up, that they were rubber toys, next thing i knew, I had about 20 notifications telling me they were live,:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:…so off I go to YouTube to check them out, I couldn’t believe they were living,:open_mouth::open_mouth:…will wait a little longer to see if anyone can guess their full name.

And yes ST, you can have a very nasty shock/ reaction if you accidentally touched one or if it fell on a bare part of your body.

Yes, they are called saddleback caterpillars…I thought it was a wind up when I saw them on FB…:open_mouth::open_mouth:

nah look just like my nan did!

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Blimey what do they change into?

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That is a very good question, I will let you know later, …I will have a look on YouTube…

They actually turn into a rather pretty Moth, Smiffy, but they give you a nasty sting and some of those spines can cause a skin irritation. Oddly enough - the bit that looks like a face is really it’s bottom!!

and silver tabby just comes racing through and beats pauline3 by a caterpillar mile?

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Gosh that doesn’t look real, does it? I can well understand you thinking it was a toy on first sight @pauline3!

Not looks like a bottom is really it’s face then?
Just thinking of some people I know.

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I have met some of them!

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Clever creatures us caterpillars!