Camera lens filters

I just recieved a Lens Filter Polarizer Circular for my sony FDR ax53 camcorder. Ok I hear you say what the hell is that and what does it do.
what this actually does is take the glare off glass- water or shining object. with the first two it actually enables one to see below the surface with water and past the glass in a window
As I only got it late this afternoon the only test i could do was with a sky video shoot. It may look the same but watch the cloud above the corner of the roof top. I didn’t have time to correct the camcorder setting settings as it was starting to get dark

So by turning the filter the cloud disappeared or stands out. yes a poor example granted but as i said I only just got it so no chance to test properly.
With this filter it saves messing about in editing to achieve the same thing and for the cost (£32 include P/P and vat) well worth it