Camera grips

Ok why so many? the first one I got is third from the left cost about £7 . never liked it the head angle was not right had to hold the hand at an awkward angle. had to use it wrong way around

second one i bought which was expensive was the second from the left by Sony. this enabled the camera to be controlled va the switches on it. it also made opened up a small tripod. Far too short to use properly

Third one I bought on the left same finctions as the Sony but very cheap and poorly made in my opinion .didn’t close up well from being used as a tripod

So today just got the one on the extreme right at last found one I can be happy with, long handle and straight about £16 deliveredand only one with a screw thread underneath

The thing is if carrying a camera/camcorder for some time it needs to be balanced (at least for a camcorder) to make holding easier.

it seems to me some company people come up with an idea but don’t make a trial version to check for design faults. More a case of “Get it into production” and no thought about the end user

I hope this is a show and tell anybody can join in.

There are a number of devices I have accumulated over the years for mounting cameras and camcorders so I took a picture of some - I have a couple of tripods too but so rarely use them these days I didn’t include them.

Many of these things are also not longer used either because they are superseded by something else or not required - for example the windscreen mount for the video camera has been superseded by just using shots from my dash cam.

Two are still if fairly regular use, the second from the left - it clamps on to anything with a vice like grip, then after framing the camera only requires you to tighten one nut to fix the camera rigidly into position, it is a cheap Chinese copy of a very expensive mount but works really well. I also use the G Clamp looking device on the right, it is pretty versatile and can also be used as a small tripod or even a handle but being a plastic clamp has broken before. Wouldn’t hold a very heavy camera but fine for compacts or small camcorders.

I used to use the angled bracket camera mount a lot, excellent for video camera and can hold a mic and light as well. Really cheap to buy but very sturdy and, again, versatile. Having the camera mounted below the grip makes it very stable and easy to use. In the photo it is the wrong way round - I am right handed but a left handed person could use it just as easily.

The rest? their time has come and gone though I did like the reddish grip and often think about resurrecting its use. The rectangular thing to the left of the G Clamp is a phone mount - screws on to a standard quarter inch camera mount, I was given it but frankly have never used it.

One thing I always carry in my camera bag is a piece of bubblewrap. It protects the camera if I want to put it on the ground, a wall, a car, to steady it for slow shutter speeds.

Sound you are very much like me who also has collected bits and pieces over the years and now not used any more.
remote wired or wireless triggers for different cameras is another collection

and please don’t mention filters too many to even show

I have remote control I made for my Canon camera, really easy to build just a couple of instantaneous switches (one for focus, one for shutter operation) mounted in an old film canister and a 2 or 3 metre cable with 2.5 and 3.5mm plug at each end.

Though I still have a lot of my 35mm developing equipment tanks, changing bag, thermometers etc even a bag full of film canisters from when I used to buy in bulk.

I suppose there is a certain irony in the fact that all my photos in this thread about photography stuff were taken with my phone.

@d00d That’s a very good idea, to be honest my cameras are cheap enough to be easily replaceable so I am not too fussed about them. I have never dropped a camera but if I did they are cheap enough to go out and buy another plus.

If I am travelling have a temporary replacement at hand because I always carry a spare in the car and these days there is always my phone. The worst experience was when I was in Vietnam when my camera got wet (rainy season) and packed it in when I was visiting Ho Chi Min’s home.

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