Camera care looking after sensor

this is my kit that has served me well. bought it at the old “focus on imaging” event many years ago

from the top

butterfly brush. spins to build up static charge. stop it spinning and the brush passed over the sensor attracts the dust to it. To the right the loupe from Visable dust with built in lights.

Then the standard air blower looking like a rocket ( this could stir up more dust within the camera body, so hold the camera upside down).

lower in the picture swabs ,spade and round end. I only use once then chuck out, hence so many , but ideal for cleaning a small section of sensor . And the sensor fluid bottles. Little tip using the fluid, put a small drop onto a work surface and dip the swap into it. this way you don’t flood the swap making it harder to wipe away excess fluid on the sensor

Ok question of cost and is it worth getting?

yes and no, it depends how often you change lenses as how often the sensor may collect dust. One has to think long term and time without a camera having sent it away for cleaning.

what I would say is don’t rush doing the cleaning allow plenty of time as it may take several goes to clean thoroughly and be gentle if the dust/dirt doesn’t get removed first time. it may well be stuck hard on the sensor

All I can say it has been well worth getting for me and saved me several hundred of pound over the last 10-15 years let alone the hours without a camera.

hope this may help those wanting to clean their own sensors


don’t ever use a cotton bud you will put more fine hair on the sensor than taking off