Camcorder stills

Seeing how most on here only take photos I just took these stills under flourescent lighting on a tripod to see how this Sony FDR-AX53 handcam compares. So it is an ordinary AA battery taken at 4ft away approx at different magnification .Not too bad in my opinion. any questions???

all unedited

I chose this battery because everyone knows its size

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Only ones best kept to myself.

I best stick to what I know, RS cooking…I don’t understand any of it…I know what a tripod is, that’s about it…what does the process consist of?

Basically, fixing the end of three legs to a central point.

Not too bad - what’s the resolution of the cam-corder?

here are the specifications

I get told to clear out of the kitchen by the boss, but i know how to use a kettle for a cup of coffee, and that is about it

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Pretty sharp stills for a camcorder.

I did a video here…

It was taken using my phone. The file then transferred to the computer, turned from portrait to landscape and given some music. Done using W.10’s video editor app.

That is pretty clever, both the article your wife made and the video finished with some music.

Nothing wrong with the quality for a video camera but I have to ask - Does your garage have a bit of a lean to it?

Depends on how much you tilt your head