Camcorder shortage

Purely out if interest I have been looking at the availabity of 4k camcorders on the internet. There seems to be a shortage of stock in most of the major retailers. I can only put this down either to covid restricting manufactureor movement. The other is, people have moved away from camcorders now mobile phones are the peoples choice. The third reason maybe cameras now are good at recoRding video but in 4K?
I could go on about the benefits or otherwise about camcorders but it seems a shame the market is drying up.

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I believe the bottom is falling out of the camcorder market these days. Most of them are far too bulky to carry around, and all anyone wants one to do is shoot some video - which a smartphone or a tablet can do anyway. Its a shame for the camcorder enthusiasts, but I would say that camcorders aren’t as popular as they were once. :frowning_face:

There is a worldwide shortage of a lot of things due to the lockdowns in China. It is not just camcorders but shoes and many household items.