Camcorder handle tip

one of the problems I have come across is if you have a microphone close to the top carrying handle, the slightest hand movement on the handle is picked ujp by the microphone, So the answer is to isolate the handle from the hand. I thought about it then realised I still have rolls of tape used for greenhouse to insulate between glass and metal greenhouse frame I never used. Sticky on one side smooth on the other and easily removed if so wished. In this photo above I have shown it on one side of fhe handle but since then I have also done other side underneath and on top. it works extremly well and also provides a better grip on handle as a bonus

something like this link which is what i used. you may get other sizes on different web site

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You’ll be needing a nice set of wheels next if you go adding any more stuff onto that! :smiley:

PK how odd , I have just been looking at tripod dolly wheels

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Great minds, eh? :+1: