Camcorder carrying

My issue was being able to carry the camcorder when not using it when out and about. the camera strap type I was after they don’t make, only as a sling type and I wanted that as a camera neck type with just one point of contact with the camcorder not two
So back to Peak design and this time instead of their base plate needing an allen key to remove I used a steel ring to clip onto as per photo above. This make allow the straps to be shortened enough to have the camcorder like across tfhe chest.
Now it all can quickly be removed by undoing the screw ring , the straps also help steady the camcorder so a win win all round

I’m not sure I read this properly…are you carrying it over your shoulder like a bag, or your neck?

around the neck as I mentioned above. sling type is from the shoulder across the chests not want I wanted

I hope you don’t me saying this, but I’m concerned about the weight on your neck, RS…that’s a hefty piece of kit to be swinging around your neck & spine. Just sayin’ :woman_shrugging: I’m sure you have tried and tested it though…?

PK the nikon on the left is twice the weight of the camcorder even with the wind cheater on top to give some idea

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It still looks cumbersome to be honest, but if it works for you then I hope to see many videos when you get back :+1:

I think most of us are. :slightly_smiling_face:

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On the rare occasion I carry my camcorder I hang it round my neck or stick it in my pocket

Have you tried Ebay? Lot of older/used stuff on there.