Calling Them Out

Strange how none of them have the room to take in a refugee, yet here they all are shouting about it. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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I posted this on another thread, but its so good it deserves a thread of its own.

Thanks Rox :023:

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A m a z i n g indeed, nimby comes to mind. No ideas as to who should house them as long as they are not included.

That is not a very scientific Poll - the guy conducting it was not even from an official Charity or Refugee Organisation, was he?! I didn’t see any badge or anything to identify who he was.
If anyone approaches me in the street without bona fide credentials, I would just say “No, thank you” to anything they said - I certainly wouldn’t give them my name and contact details to a stranger in the street!

I get the point he was trying to make, though - when I was a foster parent of troubled teenagers, I used to get sick of hearing smug, self-satisfied people criticise “the youth of today” and blame bad parenting etc for all the troubles of society - yet most of those critics would not lift a hand to try to help teenagers in care onto a better path in life.

It’s easy to criticise - but if you are not willing to step up to the plate yourself, then you don’t have room to complain.

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I was thinking along those lines myself, they seemed to be very hypocritical to me. But I also found it entertaining. :wink:

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Sorry Bread I didn’t realise. :slightly_smiling_face:

Where’s Lily Allen, Bob Geldof and Gary Lineker when you need them the most?

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Put them to work…