C4 Dispatches special investigation - Russell Brand

On Channel 4 tonight Dispatches is doing a special investigation , very unusual for a Saturday night.
A lot of mystery surrounding it but rumours that Russell Brand is involved.


It Brand himself who announced he was the person invilved.

It seems that Brand has pre-empted what the programme has to say by getting in first and talking about it on his own video.
I won’t watch Brand’s video because I can’t stand watching or listening to the man.

I saw it was reported that Brand’s name has been dropped from the websites of the PR Company and Talent Agency that used to represent him. That seems par for the course nowadays as soon as any whiff of scandal is attached to a client’s name.

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Comedian and actor Russell Brand has been accused of rape, sexual assaults and emotional abuse during a seven-year period at the height of his fame.

The allegations were made as part of a joint investigation by the Sunday Times and Channel 4 Dispatches.

Four women are alleging sexual assaults between 2006 and 2013.

Brand has denied the allegations and said his relationships have been “always consensual”.

At the time of the alleged assaults, Brand was a presenter for BBC Radio 2, Channel 4, and an actor in Hollywood films.

Other claims made as part of the investigation include allegations about Brand’s controlling, abusive and predatory behaviour.

The investigation has been published on the Sunday Times website, while the Dispatches documentary, Russell Brand - In Plain Sight, will air at 21:00 BST on Saturday on Channel 4.

The Sunday Times report is quite explicit, detailing the circumstances of the four assaults and also Brand’s abusive behaviour. Apparently, reporters have interviewed hundreds of sources who knew or worked with Brand: ex-girlfriends and their friends and family, comedians and other celebrities, people who worked with him on radio and TV, and senior staff at the BBC, Channel 4 and other media organisations. Along with these interviews reporters have seen private emails and text messages, submitted freedom of information requests, viewed medical and therapists’ notes, scrutinised Brand’s books and interviews, and watched and listened to hundreds of hours of his shows on the BBC, Channel 4 and YouTube to corroborate allegations. Presumably, then, they are sure of their facts.

However, those who made the claims said they felt ready to speak only after being approached by reporters and several said they felt compelled to do so given Brand’s newfound prominence as an online wellness influencer, with millions of followers on YouTube and other sites, so their evidence may be “tainted”.

Nevertheless, Brand’s lawyers have made no effort to stop the Dispatches special, so maybe there is fire behind the smoke.

He seems like a slimy character to me.Didn’t he make offensive prank calls to Andrew Sachs?

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Yes, he did - Brand and Jonathan Ross did that disgusting thing to Andrew Sachs together - I think they phoned Mr Sachs three times and left 3 lewd messages about Mr Sachs granddaughter. They seemed to think it was funny. I thought they should both have been sacked.

I didn’t like Brand or Ross much before that but after they did that, I have avoided watching programmes if either of them were presenting or “performing” in it.


Well it was pretty much as expected, shocking but not shocked as he’s always seemed like a sleazeball

The newspapers have a field day:

Not sure about this one, hasn’t he always said he was a sex addict and an heroin and cocaine user and had done some things he regretted?

They’ve waited quite a long time to claim assault?

On the other hand, the behaviour described is horrible and others have been brought down for less

Interesting to see who is coming out in support, including many from the Right, saying this is being dug up by the establishment to destroy him since he’s moved to talking about conspiracy theories, including Covid, on his Youtube channel.

Videos like……

……Do These Emails Prove Biden Is Corrupt And Lying?, What REALLY Started The Hawaii Fires? and THIS is How Gender Norms Are Affecting Men etc etc

Katie Hopkins giving him support and a pep talk


I don’t particularly like Brand either, but find it strange that since he has become very vociferous on social media attacking the establishment that these allegations have suddenly come to light.
Hasn’t he always been a knob…But it smacks of getting him to shut up and taking him out of the public eye.

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He’s on dangerous territory isn’t he? Not so much the darling of the left now because of his conspiracy theories, getting older and more conformist in his personal life, so not appealing to the young and rebellious as much, promoting anti-establishment views……

So any weaknesses and mistakes they’re going to jump on…

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Absolutely Maree.
How many times have we seen this happen with other people.
I don’t think people realise how crafty and underhanded the establishment can be, and with control of the media they can convince you of anything they want to.
I’m with Katie on this.

As soon as I read Katie Hopkins was a supporter any credibility was gone.


I can’t stand her either and didn’t Russell Brand once break into a studio where she was recording and call her a Nazi? Strange bedfellows

Perhaps she’s doing it on purpose for revenge because she knows her supporting him will be the final nail in the coffin :rofl:


Of course there could be an establishment conspiracy against Brand … but is he worth the effort … :man_shrugging:

It’s more likely that his past is catching up with him and that curiosity/jealousy/revenge have all (and others) played their part in opening up a can of worms … :canned_food:🪱🪱🪱🪱🪱… and there’s money to be made … from all sides … :money_mouth_face:

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Brand has always behaved grotesquely and he is responsible for his own behaviour - but weirdly TV and Radio Channels were keen to pay him lots of money to act that way, so his TV Bosses were partly to blame for letting him get away with all that grotesque behaviour, both on and off air.

The last time I recall his behaviour being so outrageously grotesque as to outrage public opinion was over Andrew Sachs.
Back then in 2013, Brand tried to play the victim and pass the blame onto the people who were complaining about him, saying they were biased against the BBC.
The so-called Sachsgate controversy erupted because of a bias against the BBC, comedian Russell Brand has said.

Now he’s no longer working for the BBC and other scandalous allegations have arisen, he’s switched the narrative to playing the victim and saying it’s a conspiracy to have a go at him because he’s an independent broadcaster.

I imagine that these latest revelations are just as likely to damage the brand of the TV and production companies who used to employ him, so why would they conspire to bring this stuff out into the open if it would damage them as much as it may damage Brand?
That doesn’t make sense.
In fact it’s likely to do more damage to the reputation of BBC and Channel 4 than to Brand’s reputation.
Considering the unsavoury reputation Brand already has, if he still has people following his alternative media streams, they are probably not likely to be put off by a bit more disgusting behaviour added to his back catalogue :nauseated_face:


I am going to get into so much trouble over this, but here goes.

I have two sisters and a daughter.

I am not stupid enough to pretend they will remain virgins, they will have a sex life and I hope they enjoy it.

That is how the human race continues.

It is however a woman’s body to give and hopefully enjoy the experience.

What is not acceptable however is for someone to sexually touch a female without her consent.

I was a typically randy teenager, and yes, I did try.

I had two younger sisters, so no meant no.

That is that, very simple.

The Police are useless, a very low prosecution rate for rape and sexual assault.

Best dealt with yourselve.

I can’t stand Brand, but I am getting fed up hearing sexual allegations about every single celebrity of public figure every other week.


Russell Brand a comedian??? I don’t think so boot…
He’s about as funny as a boil on the bum…