Buying a Mobile Phone - is this a good deal?

Help please

So I’ve got a couple of oldish mobiles on payg, rarely use them. But I envisage using a phone more in future.

Went to EE:

Samsung Galaxy A12, unlimited calls & texts, with 1 GB data = £15.20 . Or with 4 GBs = £20/month over 2 years. Nowt up front.

The phone is new tech, 3 front cameras. Is this a good deal? I’m not sure what I’m missing, what Qs to ask when I go back on Friday.


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I’ve looked at this page, pros & cons. :102:

I have a similar deal with Tesco, I think it is around £12 per month for 2 years then the phone is mine. I don’t make excessive calls or texts so I have never had to pay any extra and I use my own wifi at home. That’s on the Samsung A10 which is fine except the camera is not the best quality.

Would the camera quality bother you, probably something to check on the Galaxy A12.

One thing I can say is that I have never had any connection problems with Tesco so far.

I recently bought a Samsung A12 on Amazon, then took out a month on month contract with Speedy who use the 3 network. Unlimited calls and texts, 1gb data (I rarely use the phone for internet) all for £6 month, cancel anytime. :slight_smile: I couldn’t find a better deal anywhere close… Oh, and the camera’s not bad either, even got a macro lens…

Thanks LD.

No I’m not concerned about the camera, just might be fun to see what it can do. I’m secretly hoping it’s crap.

I’ve been offered unlimited minutes (calls?) and texts. Pretty extreme for someone that doesn’t do that.

I’m just thinking … we are moving home shortly (hopefully), will be using the car more (satnav might come in handy), there are all these apps required nowadays: from booking a GP to paying for parking …

When you say you use your own wifi at home, do you have to remember to connect? And how much is 1GB? And can I sign up to 1GB, find it’s not sufficient and change to (next level) 4GB?

Thanks Barry … blimey … :shock:

Was there an up-front cost?

Ah! you bought the phone outright, then got a Speedy sim?

IPhone all the way

erm … Why?

Hello Dood :slight_smile: I have PAYG £6 a month with Giffgaff who came out top in WHICH review
That buys me unlimited calls and texts and 500 MB data which I don’t use with my basic mobile phone.

No, only £6 monthly charge.

Yep. :slight_smile:

Hmmm … need to think about this … payg but for a fixed package? It seems all packages include unlimited UK calls and texts so I should think about getting loads of data to browse OFF while waiting for a bus.


The A12 is £130 odd isn’t it?

Hmmm way to go, me thinks.

Dood :slight_smile: you can change the package if it is not suitable there is no contract it is monthly.

They also sell reconditioned sim free phones.

I can even beat that Meg.
My friend suggested get Sim only, no contract needed, so I am with ID sim at £5 per month, and have been for the last couple of years. :slight_smile:

And the young lass in the shop transferred everything over from my old phone for me too, so I was well pleased.

BT has announced that it’s going ahead with plans that would see its existing public switched telephone network (PSTN) shut down in favour of having all phone calls be made using VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)

What mobile to get for just using as a phone and text?

Not sure this is a good idea, getting a signal on mobile at home is not reliable.

Why not just buy the phone so it is not locked to a provider then you can pick and choose the best scheme?

There is a company here that unlocks phones on plans and sells them to you with branding still on the phone but it can be used with any network. Undoubtedly you have someone similar.

By being able to shop around you can pick the best for you The company I am with offers 1Gb data, unlimited texts and calls for $10 a month (5 pounds a month) and no plan.

Personally I think buying the phone outright is the way to go.

That restriction is changing in December 2021. Mobile phone companies will not be allowed to sell mobiles locked to their service. I feel they are now doing something else which is to put all SIM only deals on a contract, that’s what’s happened to me with EE. I had a SIM only deal of free calls and unlimited texts with a small amount of data as I don’t use that anyway. That cost £12 a month with no contract but then that changed and there were no SIM deals without at least a 12-month contract. I had the ‘choice’ of either taking that contract or leaving! I am just waiting for the time when we can legally get them to sign a contract, in the way we have to with them, that would be interesting!

Skype, Zoom etc.

I do skype from home computer to friends and family, I see more & more people out on the street talking into their phones, the way to go. So what’s required is “data”. Plus, boy in EE shop said I could use 1GB in a few minutes when on YouTube. How can I get loads of data cheap? Unlimited calls & text sounds good but who really needs it?

Thanks Bruce, Baz et al. :smiley: