Brown or Red?


Sauce that is.

I always used to be red, but now have a taste for brown on my bacon and egg sandwiches.

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Tomato is the go to sauce here but my daughter in law has to have BBQ Sauce, personally I can’t go past HP.

I wouldn’t like either sauce on a bacon and egg sandwich. Mr B would choose brown sauce - he always dribbles it directly onto the egg white on the rare occasions we have fried eggs with anything. I just feel that it would totally overwhelm the delicate flavour of an egg, so it’s a total no-no for me.

Love a bit of tomato ketchup in a fish finger sandwich though :slight_smile:

I don’t like bought tomato sauce - make my own - and usually have it in/on pasta dishes.

For bacon/sausage sandwiches and for chips - I am with Bruce - has to be HP - but only if it is from a glass bottle. (Sainsbury’s still sell it that way)

OK never have I felt like more of a Yank. I guess that red sauce is ketchup. What the hell is brown sauce and HP?:confused::confused::confused:

Brown sauce


I really don’t why people have started to refer to sauces by colour rather than content - it seems by the ‘in’ thing in most cafes now.

However - Yes - red is usually Tomato Ketchup - this explains the brown/HP

OK. Thanks Bruce. Do they sell A1 or Lea & Perrins, both are what we call steak sauce, Like HP.

Ketchup?? What the…

It’s Tomato SAUCE

I have strayed away from “sauces” as of late and more of a Mustard person. Not plain yellow mustard, but hot and spicy, honey, Habanero, Horse Radish. Still occasionally use ketchup, but have outgrown the taste of BBQ sauce.

Calling it Brown or Red is more of a Northern thing in the UK, I would say. Us more refined Southerners call it Tomato Ketchup or HP sauce. :-p:-p

Brown for bacon (when I ate it before), and Red for chips.

By chips I take it you mean French fries otherwise it would have been “crisps” (what we refer to as chips) and that sound nasty.:-):slight_smile:

Ahh yes, of course…french fries to you! But we have sauce flavoured “chips” over here Danny, so no need to add anything to them…apart from a wastebasket. They are vile! :shock:

I have gotten away from “chips” or crisps atm. As well as my favorite food which the pandemic proved that over usage was indeed bad, but come on that’s a big sacrifice, I mean giving up your favorite snack. Unfortunately, they have about a million calories each and are responsible most of the weight I gained during lock down.

No sauce required!:-):-):slight_smile:

I’m with you here. Unless, of course, it’s Daddies Sauce instead of HP:lol:

Well not really, not quite. We have French Fries too, but they are skinny little things, really quite nasty in my opinion. What we usually mean by chips are the thick cut ones, sometimes called steak cut. Nice chunky ones, perfect with fried battered fish, or a piece of steak or gammon.

Yes our French fries take many shapes. We still call the thick ones either Home Fries or Steak Fries. Now I’m hungry damn it!:-):-):slight_smile:

For me it has to be Daddy’s, I can’t abide tomato ketchup, on bacon or sausage sarnies unless there’s a fried egg as well. In that case, no sauce thanks because, as Pixie said, it takes away the taste of the egg yolk.

Brown sauce for me on fried breakfast, bacon or sausage sarnies.
Ketchup on fish and chips