Broadband how much do you pay?

Just looking over my broadband provider BT
It is going to cost me nearly £82 a month from next month
Broadband package 52.99
BT sports £16
Landline £2
Two mobiles 5.70 each
Seems a lot to me


Broadband includes the TV

I pay £55 per Month to Virgin for landline/TV/Broadband…it goes against the grain for Me a thrifty Scot to have to part with this much cash each month…I miss the good old days !!!..Who the feck decided this was how things were to be???,I am NOT amused!!!

Just over twenty seven quid a month for broadband and landline.

I pay $79 a month for 100/40Mbs broadband - I could get it cheaper in exchange for less speed, my landline is free but not connected, I just don’t need it.

$30 a month for Stan and Netflix

$15 a month for unlimited International and domestic calls and texts plus 140 GB of data on my mobile (I think that is right)

So $124 or £62 a month, I thought I was paying too much but having seen your expenses I now feel quite sanguine about the whole thing.

I also have Disney+ on my daughter’s account and Prime as part of my Amazon account but I rarely watch either. Prime costs me $50 a year but I save more than that in postage alone.

£26 a month for ‘full’ fibre 70 - 72Mb


No full fibre here and I am the furthest house away from the box, max speed I get is 26, but things work

I have a landline, I have one of those falls alarm s on my wrist, and I use the land line a lot.

I have a Sky package for the lot plus Sky Entertainment TV. I pay _36£ a month including landline calls. It is a legacy package from work, no idea how long it will last but does for me

£30 for broad band only ,don’t need the landline.

I monthly pay:
£55 for broadband 50 MBit/s and landline
£16 for TV licence
£1 for mobile phone

£72 a month

I could be mistaken. Was it you who said you could watch Wimbledon free of charge? Someone said that and made me envious. :wink:

I don’t think it was me as I don’t watch the sports channel at all
I forgot to add Netflick which makes my bill even bigger
I didn’t add the tV licence either.

ours costs £23.99 each month for line internet and unlimited phone calls to all uk lines 01 02 03 and 07 mobiles. not lately put a speed test on and last was 39 down 17up peak time wifi. it can run all we need and no drop offs. it is good for everything we use, always available.

May I know who you are with ?


There are certain things here in the UK everyone can watch for free.

The only other too I know are plusnet and sky
So I shall call them today

Virgin £34pcm

100Mps broadband, any time calls.

Round our neck of the woods, virgin use the new cabling that was installed (by Nynex) around a dozen or so years ago which comes direct to the house, rather than the phone line which connects to a local shared junction box. Hence why it can offer such high speeds (a friend down the road gets 1 gig in speed with his Virgin contract).

I am with Plusnet and pay just under £50 per month for Broadband & Landline, typically about £47 or £48
But it has been going up regularly so I expect it will top £50 soon

My mobile phone is on PAYG and I don’t use it much so a £10 or £20 top up lasts for months

26£ for 100m Broadband only

We are with TalkTalk and pay £28 per month for broadband and anytime calls.