Britain in crisis?

It is absolutely fair to place any event / series of events in their current context. But that would require also making specific comparisons - for example: setting the key factors that make up the UK crisis and setting them against similar factors (or lack of factors) across a broad range of similar economies. In other words, making fair comparisons.
That is not what was being done with the post about Macron. The purpose of that post was (1) distract from the serious issues in the UK, (2) take a dig at one specific country. So absolutely not about placing the UK crisis in the context of what’s happening across other similar economies.

But, to get that perspective is impossible, with the global media all playing their own ends, all one can probably do is look for the similarities that crop up here and there that domestic media publish, then, try to join the dots.
It ain’t my fault I’m stupid!!!

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everything it would seem is in decline or deteriorating , yes gone to pot . The NHS & care, police, highways ,housing ,job satisfaction , cost of living.
I put a lot of this blame on Boris and the conservative government , Brexit & covid .
I voted to remain and I am still of that opinion.

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I think the start of the decline pre-dated that era Ripple and Brexit, Covid etc were just symptomatic

I don’t think one need conduct such a fulsome, global analysis. It would be fair to provide a few examples across a few similar economies. But highlighting one incident in one country is nothing other than attempting to distract from the real problems in the UK. And they are real problems and they have been building every since the tories came to power in 2010.

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Yep, I agree with you there Ripple, but I also agree with Spitty when he suggests that this is more a ‘Global’ issue and pre dates Boris or Brexit. When you go global…If one goes…we all go.
If a butterfly flaps it’s wings in China, it causes a tornado here…(you get the idea)…Probably because all our shops are filled with Chinese goods.

You’re just bias Strathy…

Things started going tits up here after the second world war.
Perhaps we batted for the wrong side.

I understand it’s even worse in many parts of Europe!

Support for leaving the EU has dropped significantly, and sometimes dramatically, in member states across the bloc in the wake of the UK’s Brexit, according to data from a major pan-European survey.

led by City, University of London and conducted in 30 European nations every two years since 2001, found respondents were less likely to vote leave in every EU member state for which data was available.

The largest decline in leave support was in Finland, where 28.6% of respondents who declared which way they would vote in a Brexit-style referendum answered leave in 2016-2017, against only 15.4% in 2020-2022.

I don’t blame them after seeing what’s happened to the U.K. since leaving the EU.


There has been some what of a catastrophic collapse since the Tories came to power over on a board, what’s happening globally.

I take the point although the U.K. is a island it can’t isolate itself from the global downturn.

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You ain’t wrong there. Al Murray has an excellent pod-cast about the history of WW2, with lots of guests to provide insights. One episode had a historic economist on. He explained that the US took advantage of the consequences & outcome of the war to finally bury sterling as the world trading currency and replace sterling with the dollar. They also abruptly ceased the lend-lease programme and then pushed the UK into massive debt. At they same time, recognising the threat from the soviet union, the US pumped billions into Europe to stop communism taking hold there. The UK got none of that. And the Bretton-Woods banking agreement firmly placed the dollar and US banks as the only way money could move about (that got changed later). So the UK helped defend against Nazi Germany and helped win the war - but got absolutely hammered as a consequence.
Although by late 1990’s / early 2000’s that had changed and prosperity was increasing again.

This seems abundantly clear. The tories decided that austerity was the only solution after the financial crisis. It was not the only solution - the financial crisis was simply an excuse for the tories to dramatically cut spending, especially local government spending, and deploy a programme of reducing public spending and shrinking the state sector. This was an ideological programme. The tories have no problem growing national debt as we have seen over the last 10 years. So austerity was never about reducing national debt. It was about reducing numbers of people employed in the public sector and holding down the wages of people who remained in the public sector.

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Thanks for that Strathmore, I didn’t realise that it was worse than I thought.

We don’t just need yuppies now, we need “New Yuppies” :joy: :grin:

I have no idea where the notion of ‘special relationship’ with the US came from. It looked a lot more like ‘kick out of the way’ and ‘take advantage’ over the last century.
But aside from that the Al Murray podcasts are often very good, with some fascinating guests and Murray himself is surprisingly knowledgeable.

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In the interests of balance surely we want to see what the EU media is saying about the UK?

I’m confident that no translation is really needed as they are only stating the blindingly obvious.

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[Very off-topic:] what a beautiful language the French is!

Oh gawd looks like France will go through what the UK went through when Liz Truss was PM:

The collapse of confidence in Macron’s France will be brutal and sudden