Britain in crisis?

Sorry, I always post on a self help basis, no one was there for me, dain’t matter what state of kindship was goin on.


I beg your pardon?

I read about this in the FT weekend edition but the article said it was the EU gas price that had fallen so I guess we are benefitting from their efforts to increase storage to counter Russia’s hold on supplies. It was made clear in the article that it would take the rest of the year before the reduction filters down to consumers.

I see Rishi plans to give every child a free school meal from the Autumn. I’ve been trying to work out why children from affluent homes need this.

Perhaps it will take that long to grow some tomatoes for their sandwiches…

I never promised you a rose garden.

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Have you got a link regarding the free school meals for all children, because I haven’t heard of Rishi promising it, I have heard Sadiq Khan offering it though.

You’re right it was Sadiq not Rishi. Same question applies ref affluent homes.

Don’t ask me, I’m against it and against him. But that’s up to the Londoners who voted him in.

Is that every child in the state system or every child in the country ?

It’s not Rishi doing it. It’s Sadiq Khan in London.

I assume it’s state schools in London

They’re at it again:

I know you think that UK is spelt F R A N C E but this thread is about a crisis in the UK. Again, you got a bit of country confusion.
Besides, a few strikes and demos is not a crisis in France - its normal.

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Somehow I seem to be unable to understand why anyone “reads” the express…
The closest to that in Germany is “BILD” and my impression is that, compared to the express, BILD is a real science magazine with high reputation.

I remember there was a front news in the express and the “article” turned out not to be written by a journalist but was some post by some bloke in some forum. Strange…


I’m sure all the Brits caught up in it count it as a crisis.

Oh I like scrolling all the free online papers, I like a variety. Am currently scrolling The Guardian.

They would. :icon_wink:

If I ever inadvertently run out of toilet tissue…the express would be My choice to wipe My arse with…that’s all it’s good for!

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I envy you for your courage as I would not even want that paper near my backside… :deaf_man:

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I feel the same way about the Guardian.

I can understand that and agree. While the express is minus infinite, the Guardian is like plus infinite.