Britain Can Be Great Again - But We Need to Work At It!

There are other, often Controversial, Threads about the future of The UK, now that we have taken back the Management of it!

I suggest that we need a topic in which we can declare our positivity, about the future, and where we can highlight the many successes as we go along.

This is not a place to wax lyrical about all of our perceived failures, nor to condemn those who want to naysay our arrival here.

We are here.

If you feel good about being here, say so.

Short or Long, please stay positive.

Anybody up for it?


Like a Phoenix from the ashes Ted. The embers are perhaps still a tad too hot, but not long now methinks.

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Good for you Ted :+1: It’s nice to see a little bit of optimism.



Not it for me.

Just being average again is going to take some doing.I would settle for average, it would be great


@Tedc , Good idea Ted, but lm afraid l am fixated with fish and territory
and other unfinished business !! I dont believe we can prosper till these
are sorted first ??
Most of my ideas are based on this !! :-1::frowning::frowning::-1:

I recall an earlier thread where there was discussion on areas that the UK were well placed to lead. Graphene, hydrogen fuel cells, bio-sciences, car / domestic electric cells, space launch vehicles, and lots more. All great stuff with enormous potential. My worries on their success are (1) under investment in R&D, (2) government focus on so many other things, (3) government willingness to let great businesses be bought by overseas investors (remember ARM Holdings?), (4) no evident UK wide strategy to give focus and goals to such developments.
There is great potential for the UK. But only citing positive things is simplistic and not helpful as it implies things are going well when they might not be. Surely realism & balance is needed and not just declaring one’s positivity?

Positive affirmations have a usefulness about them.


True but on their own, with no balance or critical insight, you just end up with an echo chamber of empty claims. Kind of like Liz Truss to ‘positive’ her way out of the energy crisis. Will that work?

We’ve got enough of those sort of threads/discussions. So with respect to the op, doesn’t seem unreasonable to dedicate just one to the optimists, eh?


How many years now have we been reading the same old stuff?
I can remember similar headlined about making Britain Great Again back in the 80,s.
We are a small Island in the middle of the North Sea, no Empire, a very diminished military, a woke police force, corrupt politicians, a failing health service, civil servants who are neither civil or servants. Other than that the weather has been nice, :grinning:

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Am ignoring the rest of your post and focusing on this. :wink:


I am glad that like me you are positive :wink:


Knock yourselves out. I’m happy to ignore and not contribute.

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That’s the spirit. Good man.


As this has been posting in a controversial section (about a controversial topic) then it’s only natural that people will have all sorts of different opinions about the topic. If you only want to solicit positive comments then a better thread might be “What do you love about Britain and how to you think we can make it even better?” With a note requesting people do not post political related posts (otherwise it will have to be moved to the Politics&Govt section).

Can I think about that, for a couple of days?

Maybe dropping it out of controversial?

I’m hoping it doesn’t get to be very controversial!

Ted it is often hard to get people to see the positive side, but positivity got me through cancer so I am with you all of the way!
I have learned that, if you only see the bad points of a situation, things usually get worse. If we all think we can never improve, I would say that we are giving up too soon & that means we are all defeatists!
I would like to think that the British are stronger than that! :man_superhero: :woman_superhero:


Ok let’s close this for now - PM me when you know what you prefer (the thread as is here in controversial, or edited to reflect my suggestion above and moved to general chat) :smiley: