Breaking - Joe Biden wins US presidential election

Bidens health needs to be seriously examined.

Joe Biden already keeps the lightest schedule of any recent President.

Last weekend a video was shown of the President struggling to answer a reporter’s question, which again raised concern about his mental acuity.

Bidens mental capacity is obvious to anyone.

Reportedly lashed out when asked about Trump’s taunt that he should take a cognitive test.

A dozen Republicans members last month asked Biden to undergo a cognitive test and release the results “so the American people know the full mental and intellectual health of their President.”

Quote from a former White house doctor who represents Texas.

I’m wondering why you guys are having another go at Joe Biden again…is America ticking along too well for you? :smiley:

Even if Joe Biden did have to retire at some point, I do hope Trump doesn’t think that he will automatically be reinstated. And anyway, Trump is 75 himself now!

I would like to see Judges and Politicians being made to retire at the same age as the rest of us, or at least by the time they are 70, and no exceptions.

Maybe he only needs a deaf aid ??


Too many people picking him to bits without knowing the first thing about his health.

I’d like to know how Biden became a millionaire on his salary as a senator so I could, maybe, make a few quid like he has.

How do you know he is a millionaire because of his salary, Percy?
You don’t know if he has investments, properties, other business interests, businesses away from politics, or even inheritences, do you?

No one does, Mups. His tax returns haven’t been made public unlike Trump’s.

People are genuinely concerned that his health is of more importance.

Neither he or Trump should be allowed to stand in the next Presidential campaign an age limit makes sense.

As if. What that geriatric tw@ needs is a DAFT aid.

I wonder where you get your news from. America is in a flat spin because of that clown not instigating appropriate crack down on the filth that are taking control over whole cities if not states.

Just general news, Todger. In that when Trump was in, his gaffes were widely publicised, and everything he did was scrutinised because it was so ill thought out. Its been fairly quiet over the water, and frankly I haven’t looked for news because I’m not American. I like to concern myself with Britain.

Biden and Harris are destroying the USA.

Tell me … what policies of Bidens are working better than trumps ?

Some one who agrees with you as well as me also.

Unfortunately it’s our fault. I have long been disappointed the we as Americans accept candidates in what we call a lose/lose or the lesser of two evils elections. When we do this I feel it demeans the memory of everyone who died to make this great. We should stand back and demand better candidates rather than just sighing shaking our heads and voting with a cringe.:!:

Daryl Cooper sums it up brilliantly.