Boycott Tesco’s over their Christmas advert?

Oh dear, the world of Christmas adverts is getting awfully complicated.

Poor Tesco, the anti-vaxxers are going to boycott them for showing a double-Vaxxed Santa!

Anti-Vaxxers boycott Tesco

Ah well, at least if they do, I should be able to get a delivery slot :rofl:


And hopefully they’ll be going on Santa’s naughty list too… :grinning:

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Yes, it is getting complicated, there’s always something or other that’s unacceptable.

BTW I couldn’t get link to work, all I got was a list of google fonts?

For anyone else experiencing this problem, I found this below that gives what I reckon is possibly the same information:

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I’m sure Tesco will be horrified and will withdraw the offending advert at once. :joy:

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Thanks Baz, sorry about that, I must have done something wrong c

That’s OK. Usually there’s a clue somewhere or other when a link goes wrong allowing it to be found but there’s nothing like that. Hope the link I posted is OK for you? You could always try the original one again though if you wish.

Yes, it’s a good one👍

What I seen of these Anti vax protesters, can’t see a boycott affecting Toiletries sales


I want to know who wrote the protest Tweets for them.

I’m anti that ad for a number of reasons … It’s racist, sexist, ageist, shows cruelty to turkeys, arson. drunkenness, etc.

OK Ebenezer! Don’t forget the old girl riding her electric scooter on the road illegally :smiling_imp:

I’m just against it because it’s not as good as the Aldi one …….


Freedom of expression! I’m all for it.

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This has given me my best laugh of the week! :rofl:

Does that mean Tesco will be the best place to shop this year?! :grinning:

Wait til the anti-vaxxers hear about the latest legislation - I’ve just heard a rumour, hot off the press, that there’s going to be a mandatory deadline of Christmas Eve to have QR Code vaccination scanners fitted on top of every chimney in the land!
No vax checker - no Santa - no pressies ! :santa: :partying_face:

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Well you wouldn’t want poor Santa to catch it going down the chimneys of unvaccinated peeps, would you? :rofl::rofl::rofl::slightly_smiling_face:

And Rudolph’s Covid phobic ….


yes, sounds like a good safe plan will be for the rest of us to shop where the anti Vs will not go.

They were the best supermarket taking precautions in the lockdown too