Boris Johnson's mum has passed away aged 79

Whatever you think of Boris, today is a day to feel sympathy for him and all the Johnson clan. His mum passed away unexpectedly and peacefully yesterday. She herself was not a Tory and was the daughter of a one-time President for the European Commission for human rights. An artist, she fought Parkinson’s disease for almost forty years.

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You can’t imagine the level of hate and bile spewed out on Twitter against the PM at the loss of his mother. Sickening.

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I haven’t looked on there yet Judd. You’d think people would be a bit more sensitive at a time like this. After all the whole family have differing views on politics.

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Any mother that called their child de Pfeffel gets my vote.

A man only has one mother it’s sad for him.

I agree Muddy, and what an achievement, living that long with a life altering condition and remaining creative.

Non of us forget how we feel when our mum dies :two_hearts:

I’m sad for Boris…I hope he is OK.

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Sad news for Boris in these worrying times.

I trust those on the forum who dislike him will have the decency to show some respect.