Boris Johnson wishes GB News viewers a happy new year


Boris Johnson wished GB News viewers a happy new year as he looked forward to 2024.

The former PM delivered his new year message to readers, he said: “Let’s hope 2024 is a great year for our country and a great year for the upstart insurgent dynamic news channel that is GB News.”

That’s BJ … :astonished:

Now, he may have just left his bed but, even so, he looks decidedly different - much, much thinner.

The effect may be due to the camera angle or his own loss of weight (he openly admitted that he has used the “wonder” weight loss drug Ozempic).

Perhaps, though, it’s an AI “clone” … :roll_eyes:

Gawd, doesn’t he look like his dad? He looks about 10 years older

What a total tit he really is. You wouldn’t think anyone would have the nerve and arrogance to wish people a Happy New Year when he’s done what he’s done and contributed to so many having a miserable one

And as for GBnews being upstart and insurgent:….

“fighting against a government or invading force; a rebel or revolutionary”

Really? Who is he trying to kid and flatter? Himself? The GB viewers?

GBnews is the home of ageing wrinkly Brexiters and right-wingers whinging about Woke, Johnny Foreigner and how awful young people are, about as far away from rebel and revolutionary as you can get.

My hope for 2024 is that Johnson finally gets crotch rot, karma catches up with him, more of the truth comes out and shames and disgraces him so he loses his job on the Mail and GBnews, he gets prosecuted, his wife divorces him, he gets long Covid and his year is totally wretched :rage: And that’s just for starters!

And that people wise up to GBNews as being the biased Right Wing propaganda channel it is and the volume of complaints get it shut down for good


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No Maree,

let’s not shut it down, surely that’s censorship?
If people want to watch that standard of broadcasting then let them… and good luck!

I gave it a go during the early days but nah, not for me.

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