Boris Johnson says he will leave No 10 ‘with my head held high’ at first PMQs since resignation

Well, if I may say…if the present government hadn’t done so many U-Turns and simply did what they were supposed to do, perhaps nobody would have to be concerned about another party coming in. They did bring a lot of it on themselves (Boris mainly)

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Indeed … so many U-Turns:


So @PixieKnuckles you believe in forging ahead even if you find you’re heading in the wrong direction, rather than being big enough to admit you need to change course? Wouldn’t they have been castigated for that too, so a case of damned if they do, damned if they don’t …

Life is so easy in retrospect, but I wouldn’t envy anyone who had to make such huge decisions as the PM through one of the biggest global heath crises in history, but overall most of those decisions seem now to have been correct particularly with the best and fastest rollout of the vaccine program which got us out of lockdown quicker than any country in Europe. We have much to thank him for.


Ah, the Daily Mirror, must be true then… :rofl:

I’m not denying he had a really tough job to do, but then again so did other world leaders. Nobody saw them breaking lockdown rules, doing U-Turns and generally making mistake after mistake which ended with them having to leave office and their Party in disarray…also, getting us out of lockdown faster than anyone else hasn’t really helped with reducing infections - they are still on the up and up.

Of course it has helped Pixie, the whole world is going through the same thing but however long we were in lockdown Covid would still be there waiting for us on the other side, just ask New Zealand… Covid is something we just have to learn to live with I’m afraid…


Boris Johnson’s U.K. government made serious mistakes in its early handling of the coronavirus pandemic and should have imposed a full lockdown more quickly, a move that would have saved many lives, a parliamentary inquiry found.

In a sharply critical joint report released Tuesday, the health and social care committee and science and technology committee said the U.K. had adopted a “fatalistic approach” to Covid-19 in early 2020, failing to learn from East Asian countries that halted the spread of the virus using swift lockdowns and mass testing.

Instead, the U.K. effectively accepted “that herd immunity by infection was the inevitable outcome,” the committee said. That decision meant the virus was allowed to spread through the population before lockdown eventually began on March 23, 2020, the report said. The government denies that herd immunity has ever been part of its pandemic strategy.

But the MPs said: “It is now clear that this was the wrong policy, and that it led to a higher initial death toll than would have resulted from a more emphatic early policy.”

BJ’s procrastination killed my brother-in-law … :angry:

It never fails to amuse me how so many think that every man and his dog could have made better decisions than the government, on what to do for the best against this most unknown of diseases, but where were all these seers when we needed them? Dead easy to snipe from the back when the decisions aren’t yours…


How the Alarm Went Off Too Late in Britain’s Virus Response
Britain had time. Academics, disease specialists and critics say the prime minister wasted it.

There would have been collateral damage whatever decisions were taken at that point, for if lockdown (a failed policy itself in my opinion) had been maintained then more jobs would have been lost, more education would have been denied to our children, more lives and businesses destroyed and the country left in recession and bankrupt, so thank goodness someone had the courage to make those decisions! Personally I think he did the right thing so no doubt we’ll have to agree to disagree on this one…


You missed the point - BJ procrastinated, as always, delayed decisions and caused death and disruption in the UK on a scale not seen since the Blitz of WWII … :scream:

And who would listen to anything Cummings has to say. He appears to have mental health problems.

It always puzzles me that people cannot admit they are in the wrong and are too proud or pigheaded to change their opinion.

From my very first vote I voted Labour because that’s what our family did and our neighbours all did. It never occurred to me to vote anything else because it was drummed into us that Labour was the party for the working man.

I carried on voting Labour for most of my adult life and then I didn’t like the way things were heading and I didn’t like all the shouty champagne socialists and the Left did just seem to be a bunch of foul mouthed trouble makers.

I changed my mind, started voting Conservative and am not too proud to say that for many years I was wrong because I voted Labour.

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Me too … :+1:

No, you missed the point, it was his decision and not yours, there’s a world of difference Boris making a decision at the time and you saying he was wrong with the benefit of hindsight. By the way you aren’t related to Starmer are you by any chance, I do wonder sometimes… :thinking:

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You still miss the point and prefer, instead, the BJ personal attack approach, a tactic that, as a TL3, you know is not condoned by the administrator of this forum.

Then allow me to apologise, I thought you would take it as a compliment as you both seem to share the same mantra and ideology…

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IYO … NIMO … :018: