Boris Johnson’s approval rating slips to lowest level since he became prime minister

According to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

His overall approval rating has fallen to -16, down from the -13 he recorded two weeks ago and -8 a fortnight before that. It is even lower than the -15 he recorded back in January, when Britain was in the grip of a Covid peak, lockdown measures were in place and the NHS was under severe pressure.

The latest poll shows that 34% of voters now approve of the job he is doing as prime minister, while 49% disapprove – up two points on the previous poll. When rounding was taken into account, the overall approval rating amounted to -16.

However, the poll suggests that bad news for Johnson does not necessarily lead to good news for Labour. Keir Starmer’s approval rating is also down, with a net score of -11. It fell from -6 two weeks ago. 28% approve of the job he is doing, while 39% disapprove. It is his worst score since Opinium started tracking him in this way.

Bad news for both:

Johnson remains ahead when voters are asked whom they regard as making the best prime minister, with 31% backing Johnson (up a point from the last poll) and 25% opting for Starmer (-1). However, both were behind “neither”, which was selected by 32% of respondents.

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Might Rishi Sunak be the next PM?

Boris Johnson went ‘****ing tonto’ and ‘threatened to demote Rishi Sunak to Health Secretary’ after the Chancellor called for easing of travel restrictions, reports indicate.

The Prime Minister made his remarks to MP allies after a note written by the Chancellor a month ago found its way into the public domain last weekend – shortly before the infamous ‘traffic light’ rules were reviewed on Thursday. In his letter, Mr Sunak said that the UK was ‘out of step’ with the rest of the world.

Mr Johnson told his allies that by writing the letter, which was copied to Grant Shapps’s Transport Department, it was ‘bound’ to be leaked – and joked that he could move Mr Sunak to Health, where former Chancellor Sajid Javid became the Secretary of State six weeks ago.

BJ’s and his “jokes” … :roll_eyes:

Rishi’s in the running … :wink:

You should see Starmers approval rating Omah.

Boris’ approval rating is irrelevant. He won’t be going anywhere, unlike Starmer who is reinventing “New Labour” in his “last chance saloon” to try and get some popularity from his own party. Labour have no new ideas, no plans, no manifesto and no money. The voters and the unions have turned their backs on them. The party supposed to represent the working class do nothing except sneer at them, patronise them, look down on them and accuse them of being racist bigots.

Goodbye Labour :lol:

Absolutely. However, Boris’s support is falling despite that, so I wonder where many people’s votes are going to go.
I’ve mentioned before where my vote is going in 2024, but I’m afraid that I shall be very much in the minority as most people are afraid of voting for an unknown party. So I suppose there may be a rather large number of ‘none of the above’ responses.
If nothing else, the 2024 election might be quite interesting!

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My vote will be going to the Reform Party JBR. I want an effective opposition with new ideas and common sense.

Good for you. I hope for many more, at least enough to make the Conservatives sit up and take notice.

Would that be the same Reform Party that even the banks won’t touch?

Zaphod, you should be more worried about the cancel culture of big techs and now the banks. The Reform Party has been calling this out for months, the Brexit Party also did this, as did the Republicans in the USA. People are waking up to it.

It used to be that when you voted for a government you voted for them to run the country. Not any more, they are massively influenced by big tech - all with socialist political bias and a culture of de-platforming, silencing and censoring free speech. If there was any threat to the Conservatives, look no further than Twitter, FaceBook, Amazon now the banks. They won’t stop at the Reform Party and with Johnsons Mrs pulling the strings he will be pulled in way to many different directions to make the big decisions that will change things

Johnson is doing nothing - same with immigration, Northern Ireland, Fisheries etc. Labour are a spent force and so we need opposition that will discuss the things the woke, the socialists, the liberals and the PC brigade are campaigning to silence.

Johnsons’ 80 seat majority will be for one term if he doesn’t start to deliver. There are millions of votes on loan to him from voters that are eager to vote for a different party at the next election. Labour won’t do it, not with their track record on Brexit or the pandemic, the Greens might get a few strategic votes and the Lib Dems may get a few as well but if the Conservatives don’t deliver on the Brexit promises regarding immigration, taking back control of fisheries, the huge payouts to the EU, cancel culture and the woke agenda etc those votes will go somewhere else. Already the traditional Conservative voters are looking around elsewhere (I know a lot doing this including myself) and there are a hell of a lot of back benchers frustrated at Johnsons “The Richmond Greens Conservative party”. Farage is getting the highest ratings of any News Channel and we all know how Farage can influence a nation and Reform is his new Party after the Brexit Party, where he nearly brought down the Conservatives for a second time and in the space of 12 months became the biggest single party in the EU Parliament.

Remember when UKIP got 4 million votes in 2016 and nearly brought down the Conservatives ? It will happen again, only next time with a much bigger punch in the face.

P.S. Just remember, the biggest treachery that this country has seen, certainly in my lifetime, was under Theresa May (Conservative Prime Minister) when she deliberately tried to overturn the result of a democratic decision that they were given by Cameron (another Conserative Prime Minister) to leave the EU. Johnson was handed his majority because of 2 reasons.

  1. To get Brexit done
  2. Farage allowed it.

If the Conservatives don’t deliver on those promises again they will be lost forever - certainly longer than labour ever would be.

So just bear that in mind.

I will pass ta.
I’ve seen far too many premonitions of doom these past few years to be caught out by more no matter which party they come from, so instead I will wait and see what actually happens thank you very much.

Indeed. I can see evidence that the Conservatives’ support is reducing already.
First Coward Cameron, then Treason May and now Bumbling Boris.
The Conservative voters, like me, are losing confidence in that party and that can result in only one thing: a loss of votes.
If the Tories are out in 2024, it’s anybody’s guess who will be forming the next government.

Farage could do it in 2024 if he ran with Reform.

I’d like to think so. It would be the saving of this country.