Boris Johnson raised a beer indoors with at least 10 aides in County Durham while restrictions banned socialising inside pubs

Boris Johnson raised a beer indoors with at least 10 aides in County Durham to celebrate the Tories winning the Hartlepool by-election, while restrictions banned socialising inside pubs.

The PM was photographed in the bar of the Jackson’s Wharf Inn on the city’s waterfront, where they stayed for around 45 minutes while Tier 2 restrictions were still in place banning socialising indoors and drinking inside pubs.

On the morning of May 7, Mr Johnson travelled by plane to Hartlepool Marina to celebrate Jill Mortimer’s victory in the by-election the previous day.

Mr Johnson, Ms Mortimer, party chair Amanda Milling and several members of Number 10 staff, a photographer and videographer were seen entering and leaving the pub. Neither Mr Johnson nor Ms Mortimer are wearing masks in the picture, which later emerged on social media, though they did wear masks in other pictures taken during the same visit.

Earlier the same day, while posing for photos on the Marina, the PM had to be reminded to keep a social distance from Ms Mortimer by a member of staff.

We can always depend on “Notorious” BJ to ignore the rules … :roll_eyes:

The incident was reported at the time, here:

and elsewhere

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I’ll drink to that…

Irrelevant rubbish again

At least the Punter in the background has a mask on, there is PM material for you.


That is not my view Summer, I do not think that he is setting an example.

Leaders have to set the standards and follow them.

We simply cannot have one law for us which is then ignored by those in power.

The Queen followed the rules, she sat alone at the funeral of the love of her life, they had been married for decades.

Others illegally partied the night before at the heart of Government.

One thing is for sure, this is not a lie, nor is it a Labour Plot.

This is facts given by some in the heart of Government to the Media.

It is a Tory plot against Boris, at a very high level.

If you are a Pleb, your phone is taken from you on entry to Downing Street.

No great shakes, because they monitor it for you and if it is a significant personal event you are pulled out of wherever you are.

You have to be a very serious member of the inner circle to have a mobile which can take pictures.

In a further twist, a delivery driver for an Indian restaurant yesterday claimed that he had dropped off ‘quite a big order’ at the hall of ‘about four bags’ of curry, rice and naan bread.

He also estimated there were ‘probably about 30 or so’ people there.

But after the Mail made further enquires with the restaurant, he changed his story to say he had no recollection of making the delivery on April 30.

That’s credibility for you … :wink: